? How To Make Him Miss You Long Distance ? ft. Alex Cormont

10 Steps to Win Back Your Ex

Here are 10 easy to follow steps to win back your ex. They are definitely worth a try!

Procrastination: Is Procrastination Good Or Bad?

When people talk about something they have been struggling with as of late or for most of their life, procrastination is often mentioned. This could be something that is having an impact on every area of someone’s life in extreme cases or it could be something that just appears in certain areas.

Are You Holding on to Relationships You No Longer Love?

If you are still maintaining a relationship of any kind that is no longer right for you, this article may ease your mind and help you understand that it’s okay to let it go. It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic relationship, friend, co-worker, family member, or what type of relationship it is. If you are no longer happy maintaining it, it’s time to let it go. This article gives you the two main reasons we all hold on to relationships we no longer want regardless of the type, and it also helps you understand how to release them.

Relationships: Why Do Some Women Try To Rescue Men?

While a relationship between a man and woman is meant to be based on giving and receiving, this is not always the case. For some women, this will be exactly how it is for them and this is going to enhance their life.

Losing Your Relationship: Failure or Gift?

When relationships end, some people tend to hold on to the past. They may rush into another relationship, sink into a depression, start stalking their ex, etc. Some hold on to their hurts for years without healing, feeling trapped, never able to invest themselves completely in a new relationship. But losing isn’t failing unless you don’t find the gift. Here’s how to find that gift.

The Favorite Part of My Day As a Volunteer

There is something else that I observe in Day Surgery that is not sad, but rather, wonderful and heartwarming, and it is the best part of my day. My duties include bringing family back to see the patient after they are out of surgery and have recovered enough to have visitors.

The Doctor Shares Some Insights on Good Lovemaking

This article deals with lovemaking and becoming very good at it. There are pointers for both men and women which will add to what you already know and are already doing.

Abusive Relationships: Do Some Peoples Childhoods Create A Tolerance For Abuse?

When someone experiences some kind of abuse in their adult relationships, there is often the chance that they will identify with one of two outlooks. They can either see that this abuse is a reflection of what took place during their childhood or they can come to the conclusion that their childhood was fine and that it has nothing to do with it.

30 Day Husband Challenge

During the month of December I, along with five other wives, embarked on a 30 day journey to encourage our husbands. It was indeed a journey, one where lessons were learned, mostly about ourselves. It is amazing what the Holy Spirit will reveal to you once you have you have yielded.

8 Unnecessary Worries That Could Ruin Your Relationship

There are many kinds of worries that might be ruining your relationship. Find out what you can do about them!

Relationships: Is Looking Good Enough To Attract The Perfect Partner?

When some people think about having a relationship, it is often their priority to find the perfect partner. And this can be someone who has qualities and features that are relatively easy to find and go on to include what could be seen by some as, impossible to find.

Floral Bouquets – A Gift For Every Occasion

Have you ever stopped to list the varied occasions where flowers have been used as gifts? You will be surprised to know the number.

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