?You Are NOW In The BEST Dating Environment To Find A Quality Man ? Here’s How

How to Recover From Codependency

Codependency is learned – learned false beliefs that you’re in some way not enough or don’t matter. Use your mind to create new beliefs and a new reality.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Always Feel Abandoned?

One can have the desire to be in a relationship that is meaningful and fulfilling and yet they might find this hard to achieve. And it could be that they can’t seem to attract the right person or that when they are in a relationship with someone who they connect with, it soon ends.

Does “I Love You” Mean I Love You Really

This article deals with those famous words spoken by people enamored with love. I hope to share how those feelings come about when you are in love.

Being True to Yourself and Authentic Is Vital to a Successful Intimate Relationship

Not being true to yourself often harms your relationships. As you develop Self-Awareness you begin to understand the reasons which prevented you from being true to yourself in the past, and realize how these harmed your relationships. You then become motivated to get up the courage to be true to yourself: become authentic and genuine and behave according to what feels right to you, out of a sense of personal empowerment and self-worth. This enables you to develop and maintain a successful intimacy.

Am I Really Arm Eye Candy?

When it comes to relationships, most people do not put much emphasis on age differences. There is still a stigma when the age difference is pronounced. And couples with a big age difference tends to attract more attention. Most of us have seen this and have wondered what the attraction is.

Men, Women Prefer Small (In Fact, We All Do)

Relationships survive on the small things that 1) are directed toward our partner’s needs, and 2) address the issues about us that annoys our partner. Yes, even in the context of major blowups, these are the little things.

First-Date Blues – What Can You Learn?

Dating is challenging for many. Here are some tips to turn it into a learning adventure.

When Is Egg Nog Good for Your Heart? Holiday “Cordial” Recipe

If Only Byron Katie Could Come to MY Families Thanksgiving Dinner! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, this precious time when we get to slow down and connect with those who matter most should not be spoiled by those who should be sent to another planet just as soon as the technology becomes more affordable.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Feel Smothered In A Relationship?

Although one can have the desire to be in an intimate relationship with someone, it doesn’t mean that this feels comfortable. In their mind this could be what they want and yet when it comes to making this a reality, it doesn’t feel right.

7 Social Networks You Might Like

Social networks are immensely popular. They become even more popular with mobile client applications, available for users around the world. Social networking obviously isn’t all about Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, which are ‘for everyone’ and suffer from poor content and oversharing, as a compensation for popularity. There are loads of social networks, more or less popular, which concern interests of people.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Stop Others From Showing Their Emotions?

When it comes to feeling connected to other people and having a sense of being understood, it is vital that one is not only honest with themselves about what they are going through, but that they are honest with others to. Now, this is going to be more relevant with the people that one is closest too, such as: friends, family, colleagues and their partner. One is not going to be able to experience this level of openness with everyone that they come across in life.

Giving the Gift of Receiving

It isn’t just more blessed to give than to receive. It is also blessed – a blessing for the giver of a gift – when we receive the gift well.

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