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Meeting Joe DiMaggio – My Father-In-Law

Barley eighteen years old on the day I was to meet Joe DiMaggio (my new father-in-law) and his buddies George Raft (best known for his role in the movie Scarface) and Willie Shoemaker (known as the most successful jockey in history). The previous evening I nearly burned through my Goodwill purchased pink and white seersucker skirt-set by over ironing. My shoulders ached with the pressure of knowing how important this meeting was to my new husband. My shoulders all but hunched with the weight of my inadequacies to meet such importance.

How to Date and Be Happy – Part I

This article deals with how to date and find happiness while dating. We will explore different mentalities from men and women who date.

What Must I Do To Hear I Love You

This article deals with how to position someone else to say I love you. It deals with being a lovable person who gives others a reason to love them.

What A Woman Wants From a Man

This article deals with the needs of a woman. It focuses on how a man can give the things she needs to her.

What A Man Wants

This article deals with the main things a man wants in a relationship. He is looking to receive a few things from that special woman in his life.

Relationships: Can Our Friends Keep Us Stuck?

When one thinks about the people in their life who support them, their friends will typically come to mind. Ideally, these will be the people who one can turn to for advice, encouragement and acceptance for instance.

Relationships Require A Lot of Work

People who are looking for a committed relationship will have to work very hard. It is not easy communicating with another person on a regular basis.

What Is the Foundation of Our Faith?

Religion and politics are emotive topics and considered the ‘taboo’ subjects of today’s society, a matter of ‘personal reflection’ with everyone entitled to their own opinion. Since our beliefs determine the destination of our soul and the quality of life after we depart from our earthly vessel, should it not be the priority of man to ascertain the truth? What factors then should we use to evidence its validity since our eternal destiny depends on it?

Relationships: What Causes Jealousy?

When there is an absence of trust in a relationship there is inevitably going to be certain problems that arise. Whereas although there is still going to be problems when trust does exist, there is less chance of jealousy appearing or if it does exist, then its effects will be minimal.

Is Getting Back Together With Your Ex-Boyfriend Wise?

Many couples mutually decide to split up and move on with their lives. There are those, however, who despite a mutual breakup, decide to get back together after a few months. In most cases, getting back together benefits both parties.

How to Keep a Man

Are the men you meet always uninterested in a relationship or already involved in a committed relationship? Does it take too long for the one’s you’re courting to call you back? There could be many reasons you are still single. Find out how to keep a man by doing the following…

The Actions You Need to Take in Order to Develop and Maintain a Successful Intimate Relationship

After various failed experiences in relationships you might decide the time has come, once and for all, to develop Self-Awareness and understand what might have stood in your way from cultivating a successful intimacy. As you develop awareness you also need to know what action-steps to take in order to cultivate such a relationship.

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