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What to Do If Your Man Is Emotionally Unavailable

When your man is emotionally unavailable,there is a lack of intimacy in your relationship.this is because it is through our emotions that we become passionate about our friendship with others,including our lovers. Without such an important emotional connection our relationships become dull and routine.Fortunately,there are a number of things you can do to change the situation.

Depression After a Break Up

Breaking up is not an easy thing to go through especially if you’re on the receiving end (getting broken up with). It’s natural to feel depressed, I mean, it would be a little weird if you weren’t aren’t a breakup. In this article I’m going to discuss an obvious reason why people are depressed after a relationship ends and some ways we can cope with the depression.

Why The Need To Treat Each Individual Differently?

When dealing with people, it is important to recognise and deal with each individual differently. When establishing relationships, managing employees or helping people, we should not think and attempt to treat everyone the same and expect them to respond to us in a similar way.

Healthy Relationships Part 2: How To Start Building Healthy Relationships?

So you think you’re ready to start building healthy relationships. Great decision!

How To Reconnect

We live, learn, and grow in relation to others. At the same time we experience ourselves and the world primarily through the lens of being a separate self. We strive to develop and express our own subjective viewpoint via our own unique sensitivities and perceptions, but we do not do this in isolation. We need others to reflect our experience in order to develop and maintain a strong sense of self.

Desired Outcomes Define Our Relationships

When a baby cries the mother seeks to learn what is needed. Is the child in pain, hungry, wet, cold, ill? Until she knows what the child wants the mother is unable to fulfill the need or desire. So, she guesses, first rocking and soothing, then offering food, then a blanket, etc., until the crying stops. The mother is a metaphor for how the world operates toward us.

Can You Tell Your Girlfriend Her Hair Looks Stupid?

Do you hate your girlfriend’s haircut? The mullet comb-over undercut not working for you? If you do then you should read this article to find out what you should do in this situation.

Rules Of The Game In Online Chinese Dating

If you’re new to online Chinese dating and you think it’s no different than dating the girls back home, you’re in for a big surprise. Worse, if your goal is to achieve a long term relationship with a beautiful Chinese woman, that assumption pretty much dooms you to failure. The rules of the game, the best route to the finish line and even the way you keep score is different with Chinese dating, and you’d better read this article to find out the differences, or you’re not even going to be in the game, let alone score a victory.

Should I Just Be His Friend If He Isn’t Ready for a Relationship? Learn What You Can Do

Are you stuck in a situation where your man has made it absolutely clear that he isn’t ready for a relationship and would only like you as a friend? Are you struggling to make a decision and don’t really know what to do? Well, it’s never an easy decision when you want a relationship and he doesn’t. It’s never easy to deal with the pain of knowing that maybe things might not go as you planned.

What? Me! Therapy? No Way!

A question I repeatedly hear is: “How do I tell someone (a friend, family member, co-worker) they need therapy?” You may believe in therapy. You may have been in therapy and know the benefits that you received from it.

How To Avoid Getting Burnt In A Codependency Relationship

It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference between devotion and addiction. Such is the case for codependency relationships. In these relationships, one member is so desperate for acceptance, attention, and love that they literally become emotionally “codependent.”

How to Feel When You Have Been Overlooked?

Everyone, we can assume, has tasted the ignominy of putting their hat in the ring for higher honours, only to be overlooked when it came to selection time. Resentment ensued. In truth, we give ourselves up to one of a million guises of success when we deny the harsh realities of the cut-throat world that’s somewhat against us – certainly as far as the odds are concerned.

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