11 tips for getting out after a breakup

So, you just ended a relationship … yesterday or a year ago! Cause of your bike, it’s time to go back! So, let’s get back on track and move on:

1. Don’t mention your bad breakup in the first 5 dates!


You’re on your first date to see if you like the person enough to go on a second date, a third date, etc., you’re not here to reveal your entire dating history or to audition for your wedding! Although we all come with “luggage” as in past relationships (I’d rather call it experience!), First dates aren’t the time to look back or pose for a woman who cheated on you! Finally, you will share more, but not on the first dates!

2. Return to dating with curiosity, a sense of adventure and a super positive attitude. From the attitudes of my clients, I can almost immediately know who will be able to find a relationship and who will not. Going out and meeting someone you fall in love with is not a destination, it is a journey. Think of all those people you know who are outside of your close circle of friends. My client Lauren went on a date with Jon; it was fun, but no chemistry. He invited him to a cocktail party … and you guessed it! He met one of his friends and now they are engaged!

3. Hire an Appointment Coach / Consultant: They will be your facilitator, your mentor, your professional for browsing online dating.

4. Don’t listen to friends (especially the negative ones or those who met your wife on their second date online and somehow think they’re experts now).


Okay, they fall into two categories: 1. The fattened married people: they will look at you horrified because you even suggest online dating as they met their other half in graduate school and 2. Terrorists Signed up for to online dating, they had one. an appointment that didn’t work and keep reading the internet to find scary dating stories to make up for your ineptitude. (or lack of social thanks)

5. Take a look at your appearance and make some improvements; not only will it help your life as a couple, it will also encourage you. Here are some of the things I recommend to my 33000Dates.com customers to do: shave this Covid-19 bare beard, have a great haircut, polish and clean your nails.

6. Whiten your teeth

7. Go to SNAPPR and hire a photographer to take new photos for you (and tell them it’s for a date so we won’t be bored with LinkedIn photos)

8. Make an appointment with a stylist at Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus – they will help you choose between 5 and 6 new looks. Wow, you’ll feel good after that

9. Hire a dating consultant below to select the right photos, location, or dating app for you, and write a short, fun profile to get noticed. Having someone else write you a dating profile helps you tremendously with objectivity and creativity.

10. Still depressed? Don’t start dating — try a therapist 2-3 months a week to help you move forward

11. Your goal in the first month back in the dating scene? 5-6 first dates: your confidence will fly again, you will “practice” your dating skills and get out of your head. Okay, you’ve had a bad breakup, but you’ve probably been with this person for a while. It’s time to rebuild a little of your confidence (after all, we tend to be a little casual after dating someone for a year), meet new people with new interests; after all, isn’t this the species of life?


Try new places, new activities (ax throwing is huge right now followed by cocktails, not the other way around!) And new faces. Guess what? You will be surprised that now you not only meet women / men online, but also in the food market, in the health club, in the internship field. It’s YOU —- you’re attracting them with your confidence again!

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