3 Ways To Write Texts Men Respect – How To Show Him Your Standards With Text

Respecting the Privilege of Trust

When it comes to families, notwithstanding workplaces, church fellowships and the like, there is nothing more important to relationships than trust. Trust is the maker or breaker of the human continuity within the arrangements for love. Where love persists, as found augmented by trust, just like where there is trust, there is love. Where trust is betrayed – upon neglect or abuse – love evaporates as if it never existed in the first place. Families survive and thrive upon trust, but they are destroyed without it.

Healthy Relationships – Create a Unique Strategy to Manage Feelings Well in Each Relationship

Proceeding in a relationship without developing an effective strategy for managing feelings well is like asking for trouble. There’s no getting around it – managing feelings well is central to having successful relationships that are mutually satisfying. Here’s a way to start creating those essential strategies.

Having the Maturity to Stay in a Relationship

As a professional therapist, I have encountered many persons looking for love-going into a relationship, coming out of a relationship or in the throes of trying to make a relationship work. I have found that in many instances the issue is that the maturity to maintain a healthy relationship is missing. There are usually some personal growth issues that need to be addressed in order for the relationship to survive.

How to Have a Better Relationship With Your Children’s Father, Even When You’re Upset

Breakups and divorce can spell long-lasting problems between parents that can harm their children. Learning how to communicate with a former mate can help parents get along better, for all involved.

Impact of Father Absence on Women’s Emotional Development

Father absence can have a devastating effect on girls and the women they become. It can lead to poor choices by the women, abusive relationships, and a host of other problems.

Women – The Pillars In Many Of Our Lives

Every sensible and thoughtful man or woman in this world will agree with me to the fact that to each of them, their mum is their world. Most of us would even agree to the fact that their mothers have been the driving force and pillars of their lives.

Safe Defence When You’re Being Attacked

It is unfortunate in our broken world – and we, ourselves, as broken as anyone – that the presence of attack comes, usually at the least predicted of times. There are a myriad of possible and different emotional and mental responses in being attacked. We can be livid, panicked, overwhelmed, bewildered, and even in hysterics. It may be safe to say that no one is truly ready to be attacked.

The Social Capital of Vocal Respect

Preparing for brand-new parenthood again reminded me, together with a bugbear – the non-use of names when conversing on social media these days – that using people’s names in conversation with them is crucial in reaching them with Christ’s love. Some may disagree, but let me attempt to convince you of the value of using people’s names in conveying, what I call, vocal respect.

Release a Burden by Admitting You Were Wrong

“I am sorry,” are three little words that are very difficult to say. It is kind of a mystery because we are all so quick to say we know we are not always correct and we don’t always do the right thing. We have no problem admitting we have made mistakes in the past yet in the present it is a different story. It is as if we are a different person and unwilling to admit we were wrong to the person in our vicinity.

Build Happy Relationships in Just 5 Easy Steps

It took quite a few years when I came to learn that not everything that happens in a romance movie happens in a real relationship. There are stages in our lives where we assume love must be like how we normally see it in movies, books, and TV series.

Real Relationships With Real People

Connecting in inauthentic ways is a serious misnomer on the stage of relational life. We have all tried to get along with people, where neither we nor they could truly be ourselves or themselves. There wasn’t enough trust, or the relationship was forced in some way, or we were just trying too hard. Relationships that are etched in a lack of authenticity are stressful to say the least. Yet, none of us, in this relational way, wants to be a phoney.

I Miss My Girlfriend – How Do I Cope?

No matter how or why a relationship ends, it can be extremely painful. The pain from a breakup can break a heart and pierce a person straight to their soul making them feel as if their world is crumbling down around them. This type of hurt is very difficult to endure and even more difficult to get over.

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