5 Magic Phrases To Use On Dates | How To Make Him Like You

Nice Guy Reform School – How To Raise Your Standards In Your Relationship

Somehow the standards in your relationship have slipped. If a girl treated you like this when you met her, you’d next her instantly. Here’s five steps to start today rebuilding the standards in your relationship. Get out a pad of paper.

What Woman Want From Man – 7 Secrets To Make Woman Happy!

What woman want from man? You need to take into consideration the age of the couple and the relationship. Not all relationships are equal and not all women want the same things. However, most women actually want little things.

Intimacy: Can Emotional Repression Sabotage Intimacy?

Although the need to experience intimacy is one of the strongest needs that someone can have, it doesn’t mean that this is a need that will always be fulfilled. For some people in the world, intimacy will be part of life and something that is simply taken for granted. And as long as they can remember, it has always been a part of their life.

Three Ways To Make Yourself Irresistible

Every one of us desires to be liked. I don’t know what it is about humans. But that’s the way things are. Ladies are no exception to this ‘rule’. As we stretch that a little bit, many, if not all, ladies desire to be liked and irresistible. Meanwhile, these ladies have no idea how to go about it. This article provides some useful hints on how to make that dream come true.

Relationship Wisdom – The Right Partner

Many of my clients in relationship counseling either wonder how to find the right partner or whether the one they have is the right one. Where are you at: in your search or in your questioning of whom you are with?

Being Wrong and Feeling Good About It

Most issues of right and wrong are pretty insignificant. There’s generally a bigger picture and that relates to loving and respecting the people around us. Being wrong is so often an opportunity for love and respect.

A Man in Motion Is An Amazing Thing!

Rule of thumb is if a guy isn’t motivated to do something you want done, he either won’t do it, OR if he does, it’ll be begrudgingly. Last weekend my husband turned into a decluttering machine. I had no idea it was coming, but when I realized what was happening I was VERY pleased.

The Blessings of Unexpected Encouragement

Unexpected encouragements are truly awesome. Good to rest in these truths, accept them; dwell there for a moment. God is there! Being used by God to encourage someone with a thoughtful word or act is the key privilege of life. God lifts us as we are deployed in giving genuine kindness. Encouragement is its own gift of grace, power, and love. It’s a gift anyone is privileged to thoughtfully give.

Relationships: What Do People’s Friends Reveal About Them?

When it comes to getting to know someone who has the potential to be a friend or a lover, it is not always easy. During the early interactions, there is the tendency for people to show their best selves. To present themselves in a way that is different to how they normally are or to exaggerate how they would typically behave.

Exceptional Husband Guide – How To Get Your Wife To Change Problem Behaviors

You’re not alone if your wife is doing stuff that is problematic. Some examples. Overspending. Nagging. Overeating. Bitchiness. Depression. Lack of support. Sabotaging. Flirting or cheating. In this article I’ll give you a simple, step-by-step guide to address those behaviors head-on and do something effective about them.

How Subordinates Can Like You

How you interact with your subordinates is a kind of relationship too. Learn how to improve communication and other aspects of this relation by stepping into the subordinates’ shoe and then stepping out to wear your own. You would fit into both!

Tips to Flirt With a Stranger

With both Valentine’s Day and Singles Awareness Day approaching, you may want a date to an upcoming event but don’t want to ask people you already know. In honor of the third week of February being International Flirting Week, strike up a conversation with a stranger across the room or an apartment neighbor whom you find attractive. You never know where it might lead when you follow the steps below to flirting like a pro.

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