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Pro Dating Coach For Men Reveals Odd But Effective Mental Exercises To Build Confidence With Women

A quick rundown of how and why a simple meditation practice can increase your success with women. It is one of the quickest ways to free your mind and energy to take right action and get results. Although quite counter-intuitive (and it might sound a little crazy), this simple practice is one of the quickest ways to improve your tangible results with women.

Do You Fight Fair?

Couples fight. Whether they have been together for ages or are just in the beginning phases of getting to know each other, couples fight. And it’s okay to fight. I have learned there is only one way to have a productive fight, and that is to fight fair. Generally, when things get heated in a relationship, we tend to do one of three things.

How Can Self-Awareness Enable You to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship? Two Examples

If you desire to have a successful intimate relationship but find yourself failing time and again, the best you can do for yourself is develop Self-Awareness: get to know and understand yourself better; recognize how your attitudes, reactions and behaviors might withhold you from succeeding. When you understand how you shoot yourself in the foot you become able to make the necessary changes and develop a successful relationship.

Relationship Wisdom – You Need To Change

Wanting to change our partner is a very natural part of any relationship. Having said that, it still does not make it right or achievable. Let’s have a look at this conundrum.

Empty Nest, Not As Easy As It Seems

There is no doubt in my mind that empty nest syndrome is alive and well and no matter how ready you think you are for the kids to leave the nest it manages to catch parents completely unaware. Many parents live with the idea that once the children move out freedom becomes the name of the game and they are right. I was one of them.

Relationship Wisdom – Women Giving Up Their Power

Have you been in a relationship where you gave up your individuality or independence as a woman for the sake of the relationship? What is the price you are paying? What are you missing in your life?

Hurt: What Others Do To You and What You Do To Others

Taking responsibility for how you feel is paramount. No one hurts anyone without permission given by the so-called victim.

Relationship Wisdom – Compatibility

How much should you and your partner have in common? How much are you trying to change your partner? How often do you say: Well, you cannot get everything from one partner? These statements and questions are frequent when I work with clients dealing with relationship challenges. Let’s shed some light on compatibility.

Give and Ye Shall Receive

For our own peace of mind, when we give, it should be with a clean heart. When we ‘give’ with strings attached neither the giver nor receiver stays happy forever. When we give conditionally, it spoils the relationship, even though the intentions may have been in the right place.

Turning Failed Relationships Into Successful Ones: Two Examples of the Power of Self-Awareness

It isn’t easy to change habits. But when it comes to intimate relationships, sticking-on to your habits is a sure way to fail. When you understand your habits, realize the damage they cause to your relationships and make the necessary effort to change them, you increase your chances of developing a successful relationship.

Recognizing and Breaking Negative Relationship Patterns

Often, people will continue to follow the same relationship patterns throughout their life and make the same mistakes in each of them. However, breaking these negative trends is the best way to achieve a healthy relationship and satisfaction with your partner.

A House Does Not Make A Home – A Happy Family Does

A lot of couples, soon after they marry or have been together for a while, decide it’s a good idea to buy a house, because renting is “wasting money” after all. So they put together some savings and purchase a house. They decide to decorate the house, upgrade the house, or change anything according to their friends and other couples that they compare themselves to (see chapter on comparing other couples). They then let themselves be defined by their house. Now, that comes with great costs. They both may have to work; actually double income couples are probably the majority now, whereas with the older generation it used to be that only one person worked. In fact, now couples need to work more to pay off this newly acquired house.

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