5 Steps To Prevent Cheating – How To Stop A Man Cheating On You

Simple Relationship Advice For A Lifetime

If you do a search online for the term relationship advice, you will be hit with a flood of different options that all seem feasible but will often have mixed results. To avoid the issues that come with this, it is important to look into a variety of things that will help you move forward with any relationship the easy way.

3 Ways Emotional Baggage Wrecks Our Lives

We need healing because we have a propensity to not cope well with the hurts of life. We are all susceptible to rejection, and our need of acceptance drives whether we cope or not. The hurts of life we don’t cope with can develop into baggage that we carry around with us, weighing us down, and it wrecks our lives in so many ways. In this article, three of these ways are explained.

How to Parent 101

What does it mean to bring them up with the discipline and instruction approved by the Lord? (Ephesians 6:4) A parent: 1st- primary purpose in life is to teach his/her children God’s word..

Will You Ever Get Back Together With Your Ex? How To Bring The Love Back

Although this exercise isn’t meant to make you feel guilty about the breakup, it would still be vital to figure out if the breakup actually was your fault to begin with. If it was, then you have to figure out how to apologize for it. Even if you have already tried apologizing before, it would be vital for you to…

Get The Attraction Back – And Your Ex

It can definitely hurt to lose somebody that you love, especially if you feel like you can never get them back. However, even if your ex told you that they never want to be with you again because of something that you did, that is never going to be the case. The fact is that your ex used to be…

Making Up After A Big Fight – 5 Unique Ways To Apologize Without Having To Say You’re Sorry

Couples have fights all the time.You argue, disagree, and annoy each other. When you fight, it’s never a pleasant scenario and one of you suffers more than the other. Holding on to a grudge or sticking with your ego can be…

Regaining Your Partner’s Trust

When our loved ones hurt us, the pain can sometimes be too much to bear. So if you’re the one that caused the pain, fixing the emotional wounds that you caused may be a very scary thing, due to your fear of rejection. But if you really care about your partner, this fear is nothing, compared to the loss that you might go through when…

Seven Unconventional Dates to Liven Up Your Marriage

If you have a date night, sometimes you end up eating out at your usual restaurant or watch a movie. These things can be monotonous, automatic and boring. If your activities as a couple don’t bring you excitement anymore, it could lead to your own relationship being automatic and boring, too.

The Ingredients Of A Happy Relationship

There are no simple answers to what makes up a happy marriage simply because all couples are unique. The dynamics of a couple can only exist and understood by the very people involved in it. But, there are general factors that contribute to a healthy and happy relationship.

Five Things You Should Stop Doing to Win Back Your Ex

You cant hold on to a relationship that is gone. Most times it is just good to forge on! There are five things you might be doing about getting back your ex, that might be coead this article to find them out.

Does Your Ex Really Want To Get Back Together With You Or Not?

The best thing that you can really do at this point is wait things out. If you aren’t sure about how your ex feels about you or whether they really want you back, you have to wait things out and see what happens. If you rush back into your relationship without knowing…

Get Back Together With Your Ex By Giving Them What They Want

If your ex recently broke up with you, then it should be pretty clear that they don’t want whatever it is that you had to offer them in the past. So, what exactly do they want, then? Find out here.

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