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Relationship Magnetism and Attraction

Relationships used to work because one partner relied on the other for financial and physical support, while the other provided emotional and custodial support. Times have changed significantly! For all relationships, both partners need to cultivate a balance of both masculine and feminine energy, as well as an understanding and respect for their primary, complementary energy.

How to Persuade Anyone to Like You

Making someone fall in love sounds something impossible but actually this is something pretty easy. Likeness is the first step of love. To be liked someone is more precious feeling than being loved by someone say a few people. Love is friendship as many people say, but for that the first step is to build a relationship of likeness, if two people like each other automatically foundations of friendship will build.

How To Know When Your Child Needs Therapy

It is difficult to know when your child needs help and when your child is going through growing pains. Review the warning signs to know if you need to get professional assistance.

Stand Up for Yourself

Do you care about the feelings of others to the point that you have trouble speaking up for yourself? If you answered yes, you’re in good company. When you focus on whether you’re going to hurt someone else’s feelings, the person who gets hurt is YOU. The unfortunate part is that the person you’re “protecting” doesn’t gain either. Although your heart is in the right place…

Have You Ever Developed Self-Awareness to Understand Why You Fail In Your Relationships?

Many who fail in their relationships don’t take the time to develop Self-Awareness and understand why they fail. Whichever reasons they give, as long as they don’t develop Self-Awareness they will continue harming their relationships time and again.

How To Win A Girl Over Using 5 Simple Tips

If you can learn how to win a girl over, then you can do anything! This is not to say that wooing a lady is difficult; it’s just that mastering this skill gives you mastery over a lot of other things as well.

How To Kiss – Part One – What She Thinks of Kissing

A lot of males consider themselves to be automatically good kissers. They can not be more incorrect. This article looks at differences in how kissing is perceived by women, as opposed to men. There are some interesting lessons to be learned here.

How to Get Over a Breakup/Divorce Quickly!

As the initial shock of your break up wears off, you may find yourself in territory that is foreign or strange. When you share so much time and space with someone it’s easy to lose touch with yourself. This is a common characteristic of co-dependent relationships. If you’ve been married to someone for a long time, or have children together, you may routinely put the needs of others before your own. In any case, the fact that someone consumed such a large part of your time, space, and activities can leave a huge empty hole when you finally break up.

How To Deal With A Narcissistic Husband

Do you have a husband who always wants to be in control of everything? If your husband is one of the most self centered persons that you ever met, I am sure he is often unable to understand your thinking. How to deal with a narcissistic husband?

Saying Good-Bye to a Loved One

Every once in a while God gives us the opportunity to say good-bye to a loved one before they pass away. While it is still difficult to endure, these are rare precious moments to be treasured as gifts from God.

Is This the Right One?

How do you know if this is person is “the one”? Twenty questions to see if the person you are dating is the right one for marriage.

Letting Go, Break the Chains

The most difficult thing a person could ever be asked to do is to let go. The fact that you need to be told to do it demonstrates the level of difficulty for carrying out this operation.

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