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Why ‘Me Time’ Can Better Your Relationship

Although it may sound odd, taking time for yourself can help to improve your relationship with your partner. Some people spend so much time with their partner that they feel lost and alone when they’re left alone for any period of time. And this is not healthy.

Three’s A Crowd – Keeping Your Communication Inside the Marriage

Sometimes including a third party such as a therapist can be a great resource for a couple. But when one person in a marriage constantly relies on friends and family to vent about his or her spouse, these actions only increase the emotional distance between them and their partner. Here are some of the most common people you might be tempted to “triangle” into romantic relationships. Which ones are your “go-to” third parties?

Taking a Bold Risk for the Encouragement of Another

We never know what encouragement for God we can be until we hold out a hand to the person down on life. We simply ask, “God, what would I want a person blessing me with encouragement to do?” It always becomes practical.

Restoring the Broken Through the Encouragement of Trust

It’s God’s will that the broken, the damaged, the hurting be restored by his miraculous grace – a basis borne on our encouragement of trust (our faith) to trust them again. To take them at their word that they are worthy of this grace that God shed for every single one of us on Calvary.

Do You Believe You Are Worthy of Love?

Have you ever heard yourself say, “I’m not worthy of love”? I frequently hear this from my clients. Do you find yourself in resistance to receiving love – from a person or from Spirit?

Is Living Together a Bad Idea?

Expectation is everything when making this decision. What you understand about and expect from one another is the determining factor as to whether this is a good or bad idea.

Emotional Texting

Are you a perpetrator of emotional texting? Do you feel like your cell phone is getting in the way of a healthy relationship relationship? Here are three simple questions you should ask yourself before you send your significant other a text

Can’t Get Your Ex Back? Try The No Contact Method

How many times have you already tried to get your ex back and have failed? Have your friends been observing this and have been telling you to give up the efforts you have been making and try the no contact method?

Getting Over A Broken Love Relationship

Love is a beautiful thing. It brings lots of joy and happiness to those truly in it. This also brings in many future dreams and planning. It can therefore be devastating for a relationship to break as a result of different things. Most people will take ages to get over the pain that comes with the ended love, especially if they still do love the other person. It can be hard to deal with a breakup when your emotions are still tied to that person. It is therefore not a wonder that some will do crazy things just to prove a point with some even contemplating murder or suicide.

Counselling – When It’s Important Not to Know

COUNSELLORS AND MENTORS are wrong when they figure they need to know people’s answers. To have the right advice given to them is not what people are after. If someone has a genuine interest – a real stake in their own life – they will not willingly forfeit their own thought processes and gut instincts so a counsellor, guide, mentor, or confidant can just tell them how to go about the situation.

Supporting a Partner in Weight Loss

The single best thing you can provide your partner throughout their weight loss process is Support. Learn some positive ways to show support without nagging, policing, or giving unsolicited advice, but simply offering support at every turn.

Are They Looking for a Committment?

Unless someone says they want to date you exclusively and work towards a committed relationship, assume they’re not. If you’re okay with that or willing to enjoy the relationship as it is without quietly building false hope, that’s great. If you’re looking for a committed relationship you need to openly discuss intentions to prevent future heartache.

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