5 Tips for Choosing the Right Photos for Online Dating

We choose the right photos for online dating

As we approach one of the busiest times of the year for online dating, it’s time to update your photos! While the opening lines of your online dating profile may need a little tweaking, as a dating consultant I know the importance of your photos: we live in a visual society and we review your profile before possible dates. it is this first photo that drives them. in your second, third, fourth photo, etc. before they delve into your online profile, likes and dislikes. You don’t need to change all of your photos, but we’ll get 2 or 3 new ones, including a new main photo.


Last week, this has been my mantra with all my clients! Photos, photos and photos.

So let’s shoot:

1. Make it simple. No, you do not need to re-hire a professional photographer. Casual photos while hanging out with friends and family will work; you just need to make a few, preferably alone! Resolution at least 1mb, please.


2. Hmmmm, it looks like many of you have travel plans for the next two weeks: I have clients traveling to Madrid, Iceland, Monterey, Sydney, and London (just to name a few).

Okay, you’re not in an “official photo shoot,” but don’t forget your dating profile photos. Have a friend take some great background photos.

We all love the Sydney Opera House, with YOU inside! Please do not take “scenic” photos; you won’t believe how many guests take a picture of the Taj Mahal without them!



It is sold on vacation. eh? Some photos I loved last year – with a nice roasted turkey dish garnished until nine, a funny holiday table with you and seven friends (just make sure we can see you), one of my clients from Hampton on the beach with a Santa hat, a picture of you in front of the Rockefeller Christmas tree.


Back then, my most creative customers – there were no trees yet, so they went to Home Depot and took a picture of themselves in front of a Christmas tree (no, I would NEVER have guessed that in a million years they were at … Home Depot!).


Costco is fully decorated, as are Macy’s specialty holiday shops. I never guessed Lauren had an ornament at Macy’s, I just thought her house was decorated on top! Kara, in San Diego, had a very commented photo of her wearing her red Vespa with a Christmas hat, well, Kara is engaged, but she told me that almost every man commented on this photo!


4. Early skiers. If Aspen and Tahoe are snowing early, have a friend take a picture of you, but please take off your glasses and helmet so we can see you.


5. All right … I know I’m talking about it … but I just want you to have a great dating success. Here it goes: no photos of your Lamborghini,

Harley, a big fish you caught, a mirror selfie, any selfie, you shirtless unless you’re water skiing (eh, where’s your life jacket), landscape photos without you, your private jet (be subtle, guys), a weirdly cropped photo where you took your ex, a LinkedIn photo, arms crossed, your little ones (huge no, no), take off your sunglasses so we can see your eyes.

November and December are two of my busiest (and Internet) dating months. For many, after the last 18 months, this is just a happy and festive time, with joy and excitement. For other people who have suffered losses in recent years, it is a wonderful time to get caught up in the turbulent dates with the increase in subscriptions to dating sites / apps and new singles to meet.

My customers – I’d love to see your recent photos to send messages.

For my clients soon, it’s an exciting time to get in and out! Just call me (702-494-7344) and I’ll let you know after a 10 minute talk if I’m right for you and I can accept you as a customer. Now it’s time to sign up and take advantage of the dating and holiday fun.

Let me do the work; it will help you have fun. Who doesn’t want an online dating coach, an objective party, and a cheerleader by their side?

Browsing online dating is what I do best. Click here to sign up today and have an appointment this week!


Love, Andrea

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