5 Types Of Neediness Men CAN’T STAND (And 1 They CAN’T RESIST!)

Sometimes Honesty Is the Worst Policy – Make Sure You Know When

When is being honest a good idea, and when can it not only get you in a heap of trouble, but be truly unsafe? Here are three examples to get you started, plus some recommended resources.

How Not to Apologize If You Really Want to Get Her Back

When you wife or girlfriend leaves, apologizing can seem like the obvious first step to get her back. But what if it’s the absolute wrong thing to do? What if you knew that apologizing after a break up can make it harder to get an ex back? You want to do the right thing and get back together, so learn how not to apologize. Learn how to get her back.

How to Identify Key Decisions That Are Hurting Your Relationship

To identify key decisions in your life, first, look at your current circumstances because they are a reflection of your beliefs and assumptions. One very useful exercise is to write your autobiography in order to review your life story.

Rescuer’s Mentality and What It Looks Like in a Relationship

Have you ever wondered if you are a rescuer in a relationship? Have you ever wondered what made you become a rescuer or how to stop? This article will talk about how someone might become a resuer in relationships and what it looks like. It is a dynamic of co-dependency in relating to others in a relationship. When listening to individuals who struggle with rescuing tendencies, I often find one common theme. They often struggle with the need to be rescued themselves. They will counteract those feelings of helplessness by becoming a rescuer in the relationship.

What’s the Right Way to Move On?

WHETHER IT’S moving on after divorce, or moving on into another job or career, or even if it’s about moving on from a hurt, habit or hang-up we are stuck in, moving on is the desire of all our hearts. But when is the right time and what is the right way?

Relationships: Are Rebound Relationships A Bad Idea?

When someone goes from one relationship to another, they are often described as having a rebound relationship. And this can takes place within a very short time of one ending and the other beginning; so there is very little time in between each one.

The Reference Point of Success

What is success? How does one define success? Are you stuck and think your life is not going the way you think it should have gone? Read this excerpt from my book and you will discover the answer to the secret of success.

Setting Boundaries in Your Soulmate Relationship

Setting boundaries is important to every relationship because it defines how we allow others to treat us. Even in a soulmate relationship, we know somewhere in the back of our minds that there are certain things we shouldn’t do, shouldn’t say, and lines we simply cannot cross or suffer the consequences of losing the soulmate relationship for good.

In Faith – This Suffering Won’t Be Wasted

Forgiveness makes all things new, but we can only have the grace to forgive – to truly let go – when we have thrown up every resistance within us into the ceiling fan of conflict, to be chopped up and obliterated. Once and for all.

Relationships: Hanging in Through the Hard Stuff

Are you committed to working through the difficult and painful issues that inevitably arise in relationships, or do you run when things get hard? If you want to have a long-term loving relationship, then you need to learn to hang in through the hard stuff. When Isabel and Lloyd met, they both felt that this was the relationship they had each been looking for.

5 Tips To Help In Fixing A Broken Relationship

A great way to help in fixing a broken relationship is to give small, thoughtful gifts. Although it isn’t a cure for the problem it will show your partner that you are thinking of them and that you care. Make sure the gifts are something they like, showing that you put some thought into it rather than just grabbing something you see in the checkout line.

Dealing With Your Emotions After A Break Up

When you are getting over the emotions of a break up you should surround yourself with your family and friends. They will comfort you when you need it and help you to take your mind off the reason you are sad. Spending too much time alone will only give you more time to think about the break up and get depressed. It takes time to heal, so the more time you spend with other people and your mind on other things, the faster you will seem to heal.

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