6 powerful dating mindsets for women

Dating today has become something that many of us struggle with, especially if we are in our thirties.

Millennial women seem to be starting to feel that dating has become exhausting.

What I want to do is give you six powerful mindsets to have around dating so that you feel that dating is smart, not difficult, and that you’re really getting somewhere with the effort you’re making.

They understand the power of neuroscience love education and how you can prepare for a successful date so that it can lead to a lasting and loving relationship.

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That’s why in this blog, I wanted to share more about mentalities instead of practical tips, such as texting and other things, because mentality is a big part of what ultimately prepares you for power. receive a loving relationship that you deserved.

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1. Powerful mindset change: Ask yourself, hHow do I feel about this person, and do I like them?

I have often seen women dating and constantly questioning themselves, their worth and where they fit into this man’s life. I like? How does he think about me? Will I hear from him again?

What we have to do is change that, we have to get out of this victim mentality and we have to regain our power and start asking, well, do I really like them?

How do I feel when I’m with them?

Change your mindset from vulnerable to safe

It’s not about ego or rights or thinking you’re better than them. All it does is give you a sense of control and also a sense of responsibility because, ultimately, who you go out with is your choice.

If you’re constantly choosing to date someone who makes you feel like shit or lets you guess, then unfortunately you’re actually choosing that.

We need to make sure that you are in a position to make decisions from a place of wisdom because you have really questioned how you feel about that person when you are with them.


2. Powerful mindset change: Ask yourself, am I able to get out?

That’s a huge thing I did when I went through my own transition from breaking a toxic ten-year cycle. Meet my future husband four months later, get married and have the relationship I always deserved.

I got to a point where I realized that maybe it wasn’t the men I was dating.

Maybe there’s something I’m really doing to contribute to the problems and maybe I’m not a very nice woman.

Being a non-dating woman does not mean that you are broken or that something is wrong with you.

All it means is that there are some areas you might be working on to be a more valuable partner or a more valuable appointment.

Don’t stress. In fact, I made a guide about it. What I’m going to do is link it here.

3. Powerful mindset change: There are many high quality men who want to commit to you

Ladies, this is really key. If you keep coming out thinking that no man wants to compromise, that all men are toxic.

Guess what?

This is what you will see and this is what you will receive. We live in a world with literally billions of people.

You’re probably in a city with thousands, if not millions, of incredible eligible men. Just because it doesn’t fall on your lap doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Powerful change of mindset from lack to abundance

One key thing is that what you focus on is what you receive and what you see.

Your brain does not know the difference between what you tell it to look for and what it has experienced in the past.

If you say just turn it off, there are no men available, all men are players, no one wants to compromise, well, that’s what you’re looking for.

However, if you say so, there are amazing men who are handsome, who have chemistry, who want to engage with me, your brain will literally start looking for those men and proof of these existing men.

So ask yourself, what kind of mindset do you have now? Is it lacking or is it abundant?

4. Powerful mindset: Your state, your past, and even your present are not your identity

If you’re someone who’s had a trauma in your past, you may have gone through a divorce, difficult relationships, a difficult childhood, and you feel like this is a scar you’re wearing.

You need to be careful not to become part of who you are when you are in a relationship.

I’m not saying you have to have this mental and emotional makeover, you have to heal yourself completely, we’re all a job in progress. However, you don’t necessarily take your past and your emotions as your identity.

You may feel anxious, this does not mean that you are an anxious person who will never find love.

You may have experienced depression, this does not mean that you are someone who is chronically depressed and will never experience love.

We must separate our who from our doing.

Our identity comes from what we have been done or what we have experienced in the past.

Receiving love in your life and catching up from a place of abundance is really understanding who you want to be your true identity, speaking it for yourself, doing everything you can to make it a reality, instead of wanting it. to pass.

To be able to get to a point where I could finally get to know my husband and have the relationship I wanted, I had to do the work for myself.

I had to be accountable.

It changes a couple of things I thought about, things I spoke for myself, but what a difference it made, not only to my own self-esteem and confidence, but it actually completely changed the world of dating for me, because all of a sudden I attracted more high quality dates.

I had the confidence to be able to set the standard I needed to set and then I met my amazing husband who was all I ever wanted.

5. Powerful change of mindset: Love is easy

the receipt. I don’t hunt him. Maybe this is a statement you want to print and put on your wall.

We are in a generation or at a time in history where we have this stigma attached to dating.

It is very difficult and very difficult because we have access to all these different applications and resources, but divorce is rampant and relationships are breaking up.

People feel that it has become a very difficult thing because the dynamics of dating have changed.

We’re starting to create this narrative that says love is a really hard thing, but it doesn’t want to be that way.

Dating shouldn’t be something that exhausts you.

We need to make sure that we are telling our brain and our spirit what we want the truth to be and what we know can be the truth, and that love is easy.

I don’t go out chasing him, I struggle to get it. In fact, I sit down and receive it and allow it to enter my life.

So what we want to do is, after saying these words to ourselves on a daily basis, we want to make sure that we have actions that also match them.

Whether it’s texting this guy all the time, because you realize that by doing this, you’re trying to chase love, or if you’re throwing up your walls so you can let love in because you realize that there is some kind of vulnerability that leads to the beginning of a relationship.

6. Powerful mindset change: Dating is a process, it should not be a project

Some of you women love to turn this whole dating trip into, say, a project. Who can I fix? What should I fix on my own?

It becomes this constant development of trying to fix the man or fix yourself and it turns out to be really exhausting. You have a love affair. You have a depletion of personal development.

Or you basically get into toxic relationships.

Dating is a process. It is a process of character evaluation. There are certain things you should do at certain stages to set up.

That’s why going out on smart dates instead of going out hard is really key. You may think, okay, that there is no way to date in a certain way.

We just need to know what to do. But the truth is, we don’t. Unless they teach us, we really don’t know what to do. That’s why we really struggle with love. There is a method. There is the strategy to have a smart date.

In fact, I have a whole course on that. I will link it below.

There’s a way to make it look like you’re really making your effort with the same results instead of devoting yourself to everything and never getting anywhere.

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