7 Fun Opening Texts Men LOVE To Receive From You!

Do You Have Regret Problems?

When at the crossroad, your mind bothers you with the “what ifs”. But you need to make and choice, and if the choice you made turned out to be a wrong you start being remorseful. Regrets are difficult to get over it. You might have made the decision to chose career over love life. You might have made a parenting mistake that lead your child to live home. You quit your job with a new one which in the end turned out to be a losing exchange. When these things happen you

Strike Balance in Relations With Countries

China and Pakistan have developed strong bilateral trade and economic ties and cooperation over the years. The relations between the two countries have very often been termed as being, deeper than the deepest sea, sweeter than honey and higher than the highest mountains of Himalayas. Overs the years the two countries have come out to be credible and most reliable friends in the region.

We Are Loved, Ignored, Respected, Hated, Laughed at, Insulted, Tolerated, Remembered, And Forgotten

We seek love, and respect in life. But our friends and relations sometimes, ignore us, and may insult us too. We have to learn to handle such situations with dignity. Love turns into hatred. People forget us, and stop communicating with us. It hurts. But in spite of all this, life is worth it.

Judged by Society

It is an article about our first impressions. When we meet new people the initial judgement is formed on the basis of popular social viewpoints. The notions which guide us to form our opinions are neither our own nor put to test at any point of our lives as to whether they are valid. On the basis of these viewpoints we misjudge people and lose many friends.

What Are They Saying (or Not Saying) About Me?

Those of us given to analytical thinking begin to get consumed about what may be said. We always think about what might have been said rather than what might not have been said. So much so that we begin to make unconscious assumptions that build on our conscious assumptions, and sooner or later we start to make decisions about people on information we’ve made up. What a mess.

Mother Enmeshed Men: Do Some Men Stay Attached To Their Mothers Out Of Loyalty?

While some men are able to break away from their mothers, there are other men who are unable to do this. When this doesn’t take place, not only is it going to cause the men to suffer; it is also going to cause the women in their life to suffer.

What’s God’s Will for Society’s Outcast?

Pulling up at lights I suddenly had a scantily clad heavily tattooed young man, unlit cigarette in mouth, start washing my windshield. I was immediately moved to say “No! I didn’t ask you to do that.” And I did say that. Needless to say, he flipped me the bird! Immediately I had an ugly feeling within; not a fearful feeling, but a feeling that I needed to put this right. Soon I found myself moved by the Spirit to do a U-turn and put the situation right.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Try To Rescue Others Instead Of Rescuing Themselves?

When someone is experiencing some kind of inner pain or drama, they can take a closer look at what is taking place and start to look for solutions, or they can focus on what is taking place around them. Through placing their attention on something or someone else, it can allow them to avoid their own life.

When the Problem’s Not Pride, But Dignity

To dignify people ought to be our highest goal. To dignify people is to love them.

My First Relationship At High School: Survival Guide

So, you are madly in love… The sun rises and sets on him, and you are going through marvelous feeling. The first relationship as a teenager is a romantic exciting time period, but at the same time fun pastime that brings adolescent girl a plethora of impressions. How to make your first relationship brings only the brightest emotions?

Why the Wounded Healer Inspires Confidence In Those They Counsel

A WOMEN walks into a counselling room on a Friday morning, running 20 minutes late for the appointment. She’s met by a man about 15 years her senior. He’s a counselling pastor. He’s been praying for her and following her up for at least six months. She’s reluctantly come along this particular day. She’s very anxious. This is their first face-to-face meeting – an answer to his prayers.

7 Tips On Making Amends and One Thing Amends Must Never Do

Making amends is something all recovering addicts need to become good at. It’s also something that every Christian needs to become adept at – every human being is called to such a task; a noble one in human terms because it’s a divine mandate.

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