7 questions to ask your boyfriend

If you are going to make him fall in love with you, you should know the questions you need to ask your boyfriend. The RIGHT questions that will make you open up and fall in love with you.

Let’s talk about it …

Last month, one of my best friends from high school, Donna, got married for the second time last year. She says her first marriage ended because she “separated” from her husband.

What this really meant was that they didn’t do a good job of taking care of each other. And they didn’t really know each other very well when they got married.

1 separated 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

Her last marriage is going well now, and I asked her what she really did difference.

She said, “Carlos, the quality of our relationship is the quality of the questions we ask.”

I think I knew I was paraphrasing Tony Robbins there, but the view is fantastic. She is right: it is the quality of our questions that determines much of the success of our relationships.

If you’re not wondering what matters, then don’t be surprised if you come across someone who feels like a total stranger, even if you’ve been dating for years.

So what I’ve done to help you come together 7 questions to ask your boyfriend who I think they are critical to your current or future relationship.

These questions help you find out where a man is on his journey to maturity, and even if you are a woman trying to learn to have a boyfriend, you should know these questions for when you have a man in a first date, or if you want to know how make a boy like you, for the woman you really are.

2 how to make a boy like you 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

Think of this as a “love calculator” that helps you figure it out and adds points to your “love score.”

The first is …

Love Question for Your Number 1 Boyfriend: What is your favorite romantic dating idea?

This question is good, because it sets expectations lightly.

You’re saying, “Hey, I have one need for romance in my life. And I am curious how can you give me what I’m looking for “.

It also gently indicates that you are a woman standards too. Many women go out of their way to look “low-maintenance” ahead.

But later, when they have subordinated their needs to theirs a bit too long (not to look like “high maintenance”) the pendulum should move back to compensate.

3 pendulum 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

This can cause a bit of freaking out.

So instead of doing this, use this question to set the right kind of precedent for it.

And also the mine for information. What do you consider a “romantic” date?

If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then you have a problem with “Homer Simpson.” And asking now, you can avoid that problem.


QUESTION # 2: You are alone in my house, what are you doing?

We all know the REAL answer to this question. Men and women would do both fissonar a little. Of course, we wouldn’t say that, but it is truth.

You may want to take a peek to let him know that you can imagine a little.

If he tells you he would, he’s being honest, but he could be a little uncomfortable.

4 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

If he doesn’t say that and says something else, you should listen carefully to his answer.

  • Let’s see if it sounds thoughtful.
  • See if he’ll look around to find out, or if he’ll just stand in front of the TV and just wait for you.
  • See if it’s the kind that runs in the fridge to eat. (I’m sorry, but this answer is a bit neutral, there’s not much to learn from it.)

Don’t be afraid to push it a little into the question. “No, come on. Really, what would you do? Just stay out of my underwear drawer.”

Now we come to:

QUESTION 3: What makes you smile?

Asking a question like this to a man on a first date is a guaranteed way to make him smile. (Just asking makes us think of something funny.)

When we are asked to think of something that has a certain effect, we will relive the effect, as if it were happening again.

This is an old psychology trick that works in almost everyone. It is called state memory, and also “future rhythm.” (I’ll give you a few more tricks to use in a minute.)

When he starts smiling, you can persuade him whole the story of him, making him share.

5 stories 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

Chances are you’ll get it, too. This is a great way to break the ice on a first date.

It will also help you find out what interests you and passionate about as a future reference.

And then:

QUESTION FOR YOUR MAN # 4: What is your favorite sport?

Sure, it’s a bit of a stereotype, but most guys love to talk about sports.

What you will find out about him is which sport he is most dedicated to. Then the follow-up question would be, “Why?”

It’s not the “what” that really matters so much, it’s your answer about why you like this particular sport. Listen to his reasoning.

6 sports 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

  • It’s in the conflict?
  • He likes the strategy?
  • Are you just addicted to sports in general?

Listen to his words to hear the whole story.

You’ll be amazed at what you can find out when you delve deeper into the reasons.

Then you want to ask:

QUESTION # 5: If there is a place in the world where you could go, where would it be and why?

This is a great start to the conversation as it opens up a lot what if tangents.

For example, you ask, “If you could live anywhere in the world, or go anywhere, on would you go

10 trips 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

He might say, “I’d probably like to travel to Asia, especially China.”

You say (seemingly impressed by any choice you’ve made): “Really … why there?”

He: “I am fascinated by its history and civilization, especially its inventions. Did you know that the Chinese invented gunpowder – and the compass? “

And of course, this opens up a number of other questions such as:

  • – “On something else would you go
  • – “How would you feel seeing those terracotta warriors in China?”

7 terracotta 7 questions to ask your boyfriend


Listen close sensation words he uses when talking about that place. And then, when you feel that the topic has run out, you can add:

“So what’s your * second * option?”

And then the mandatory: “Why?”

Now we come to:

QUESTION 6: If we were going out, how would we celebrate our first birthday?

This is a stealthy ninja attack right in your heart, if you use it properly.

8 stealth 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

Why that?

Because you’re asking her to imagine a date in the future when she’s already romantically attracted to you.

It’s the technique I mentioned called “future rhythm.”

Future Rhythm is a type of mental imagery, a powerful way to anchor your emotions to the situations you create.

You’re basically telling him to entertain you like his committed girl, who then plants a seed in her thoughts.

Don’t be surprised if he suddenly gets closer to you and starts looking you in the eyes with more love after he responds.

And finally:

QUESTION 7: Who was your first big lover?

This is another rhythm question that requires you to really delve into yours emotional story. When it comes to memories of that first love, you should ask things like:

  • How old were you?
  • How did it feel?
  • Do you think that was the most intense emotion you felt?

Now, keep in mind that this is old history for him, so you don’t have to get jealous in any way. In fact, this memory will only serve to anchor the same emotions come back to you.

Every man has a deep need to reconnect with the magical feeling of desire in his youth – and lustthe truth be.

By making him “travel through time” back to that moment, you make him feel a little of that magical love right there with you.

9 flashback 7 questions to ask your boyfriend

And there’s a good chance he’ll rub you a little …

Remember that after asking these questions, you are also likely to shoot them correctly back to you. So you should have some good answers to each of these questions.

But what you will find is that the discovery process is fun and enriching.

And the connection you forge with him in just a few minutes of quality conversation like this will not only make a guy like you, but will help you have a boyfriend or make him feel better. online for you, but it will arouse the right kind of emotions to make the moment between you special and memorable.

When you finally meet that guy you’ve met online or wherever you are, you need to be able to make it possible with him.

And to do that, you have to know what theirs is signals they are.

What does he do really to want?

Of course, the best thing for you is to get to know yourself how to read your signalsgo HERE to find out more …

UPDATED 10/1/2021

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