7 Risk Factors For Cheating | Signs To Look For

Choosing Your Battles Carefully

Not every battle is worth dying on the hill for so choose your battles carefully. What is important today will probably not be important five or ten years from now.

Relationships: Is The Fear Of Being Abandoned Defining Who You Are Attracted To?

Over the years, many points of view have been put forward as to what causes one person to be attracted to another. These have come from scientists, relationship experts and everyone in between.

The 3 Kind of People You Need in Life

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” -Helen Keller. Mark Twain (author and national treasure), Henry H. Rogers (a Standard Oil Executive), Alexander Graham Bell (revolutionary inventor), and Anne Sullivan (world-renowned teacher). Do you know what these amazing people have in common?

What My Puppy Taught Me About Expectations in Relationships

On our first day together, my puppy taught me about the expectations in relationships. We all go into a new relationship with huge expectations. These only set us up for failure and disappointment. Managing your expectations will free you from getting caught up in heartbreak, frustration and distress. As you might already know – relationships don’t always go as we plan!

Under My Skin

Losing yourself inside of someone who never cared about you is worse than losing someone you care about. I am sad and wallow in my own darkness. I don’t want or need someone else. I want him. Unfortunately I don’t think he even cares and notices how I long for him.

I Am A Pastor AND A Hypocrite

As a pastor I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t a hypocrite every now and then. Perhaps a little more often, actually.

How Will They Miss You?

How will they miss you? What is that you do now within your family that makes you indispensable? How do you operate in your community that people value you so?

How to Forgive Anyone Anything

Long held resentment was the number one cause behind my breast cancer. But wasn’t my anger justified?

Smart Career Women Can Have Conscious Relationships

Why bright, career women often become fools in love? They have been ashamed to admit that they placed a high IQ over EQ only to later realize how much damage this has caused their intimate relationships.

Is Grieving Unmet Childhood Needs An Important Part Of Letting Of The Fear Of Abandonment?

It is said that it is not possible for someone to be abandoned as an adult, and how this would only apply if they were a baby or a child. However, just because one is an adult it doesn’t mean that they will no longer feel abandoned.

Forgive Them, For They Know Not What They Do

The reality of this life is harsh. We are likely to need to suffer the fool gladly. That person is trying their best to love us, even if, in doing that, they transgress love.

Are You Stuck in One-Way Relationships?

One of the common complaints I hear from my clients is that they listen well but they end up just listening and never being heard. This is the issue that Ginger wrote to me about. “I often find myself trapped in the role of being a good listener and of not being able to be honest about my own needs to be heard.

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