7 Signs He Sees You As A Nice Girl

Should I Still Try?

This is one of the most difficult articles I’ve undertaken to write. Honestly, I almost thought about simply deleting the whole thing. When one gets past middle age, life changes and starts to look a little differently.

The Only Freedom Ever Worth Having

SLAVES we come into this world and slaves we shall leave, but not every kind of bounded slavery leads to hopelessness. We can be slaves to stimulation and boredom is our punishment. Or we are slaves to leisure and work is our penance. But, just the same, we can be slaves to service and our ‘punishment’ is blessing for the fact others are blessed. Or we might be bonded to telling the truth and so our ‘penance’ is peace.

3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts on Healing and Forgiveness

LIFELONG learning is the practice of any person on the quest of wisdom. One of life’s hardest lessons is dealing with the many interpersonal hurts that come from a life of care. And overcoming the commensurate bitterness that we are bound to struggle with is our task. The more we care about situations and persons that impinge us, the harder the hurt, the deeper the bitterness to wrestle with.

A Radical Approach to Forgiveness That Works

SUCCESS in life is at our fingertips, but we must realise that we have to first redefine what success is. It’s not the product the world sells us. It is mastery over our relationships. And that said, it is not mastery over people, quite the reverse. As soon as we learn we exist for people life comes at once to be successful. Mastery over our relationships means no person is a threat and we, ourselves, are a threat to no one.

Clarkson’s 5 Relationship Model of Counselling Relationships

Humanistic Integrative Counselling employs a number of tools to enhance the quality of the therapeutic connection between client and counselor. An integrative counsellor realizes that he cannot use the same counselling techniques on every client, as each client is a unique individual and has individual emotional needs.

When You Give Up Your Own Will “for the Sake of the Relationship” You Sabotage Yourself

When friends ask: “Do you want a relationship?” you probably answer affirmatively. But then, once you have one, it often happens that things don’t go the way you would have wanted them to go, and you find yourself embittered, disappointed, angry, and once again alone. Often you might blame your partner(s). But it might very likely be that you sabotage the relationship without even knowing that you do. This article focuses on one way in which you might harm your relationship(s): giving up your will “for the sake of the relationship”.

3 Things the Holy Spirit Taught Me About Relationships

LEARNING is an interesting prospect here on earth. We don’t learn willingly unless we are convinced by ourselves – or, for the Christian, by the Holy Spirit. One of my mentors is in his seventies. He discipled me to faith twenty-five years ago. I hadn’t seen him in nearly twenty-three of those years. We have been catching up three monthly for over two years. Every time I leave his presence I’m filled to overflowing with God’s spiritual wisdom.

4 Things the Holy Spirit Taught Me About Relationships

Here are four new things that I learned through the Holy Spirit recently. Four important relationship considerations.

Re-Partnering: Some Strategies for Committing to a New Relationship

With the divorce rate in Australia nearing 43%, re-partnering (and often re-marrying) is now very much the norm. This article explores some of the common difficulties faced by couples embarking on a new relationship, and strategies to address them.

Relationships: Can Toxic Shame Make Someone Feel Lonely?

While someone can be by themselves, it doesn’t mean they will end up feeling lonely. This is similar how someone can be around others and still end up feeling as though they are by themselves.

Relationships: Can Trapped Grief Make Breakups Harder To Handle?

If someone was to spend their time around people who have just experienced a breakup, they are unlikely to have the same experience with each person. They could find that although one person is in a bad way, another could come across though they haven’t been affected.

Things That Might Be Destroying A Healthy Relationship

It is hard to believe that a relationship has been destroyed overnight as there are certain subtle and destructive patterns that are responsible for eroding the healthy bond between spouses. Such inappropriate attitudes have all the potential to convert a fairytale relationship into a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) super fight.

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