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In this episode, listen to Elisa Romeo and Adam Foley as they guide you toward what they call “holy love,” a sacred association.

Elisa Romeo and Adam Foley are the authors of Holy Love: The Essential Guide to Soul Satisfaction Relationships. They also co-host the Holy & Human podcast. Together, they help people to awaken and deepen their emotional nature within the relationship. As married parents of two children, Elisa and Adam use practical stories from the trenches of everyday life, their personal spiritual experiences, and examples of their work with thousands of couples to teach a sacred association.

joIn this episode of Last First Date Radio, you will learn:

• What is the definition of “Holy Love?”

• What is the difference between someone’s personality and someone’s soul?

• How is Holy Love applied to single people and other relationships in addition to intimate partnerships?

• What is Soul Journaling and why is it so important?

EP 503: Elisa Romeo and Adam Foley: A Guide to Sacred Association

What is Holy Love?

It is about returning the sacred to relationships. We often try to solve a relationship problem from the level of the ego, which is who we think we are. But we must contribute more of our essential self to a relationship. It elevates the way we narrate the problems of our lives.

It is about redefining love and getting to the inherent nature of what love really is. See people for their essence. We want to be seen as soul mates, but we must first “see” ourselves and others as their essential self.

What is soul journaling and why is it important?

Give your soul a name that represents your highest self. Establish a daily intention to create a dialogue between your ego and the soul using your soul name. Ask him questions. “I’m confused about what to do.” Your soul might respond, “Take a walk.” Wisdom changes every day depending on where you are in your life.

What is an exercise to create more soul connections in dating?

The practice is simple and natural. Stop, breathe, put a hand on your heart and ask what love is the answer to your question. “Hey love, should I go on a date with this person?” And listen to what love says.

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