Are you a diva? And why do you hate relationships so much?

Some women are Dives. It will only be so.

What is a diva, you ask?

Well, some people would classify it by the number of shoes you have …

As in, if you have more than 14 pairs of shoes, you I could be a diva.

Or you may be wondering:

  • How often do you look at your phone? 3 times a day? 10? 50? Every minute?
  • Do you prefer to spend the weekend in a luxury hotel or in a beachfront bungalow?
  • If a server gets your meal dirty, do you: Do you think about it politely? Take it off the tip? Call manager?
  • How long does it take to get ready to go out? 5 minutes? 20 minutes? one hour?

It’s worth taking a look at your attitudes and lifestyle to see if you can follow this “Diva” line.

tips why relationships hurt SPEAKING DELETE: Are you a diva?  And why do you hate relationships so much?

It has been my experience that a very small percentage of women THEY ARE “Dives.” They simply act as one at different times.

Just as most boys are not idiots 24 hours a day, 7 days a day, they only act like idiots from time to time.

Now, you may be wondering what the Divas guys think. Well, if you assume that:

Diva = High maintenance

You will understand that a certain type of man is needed to deal with these particular demands. And not all guys want to sign up for this kind of work.

In the same way that you don’t always have to work on a man’s commitment and trust, do you?

So if you think you might have some Diva trends, it’s a good idea to tell your husband about it … in advance. By giving him a warning about your challenging points, actually increase your chances of staying for them.

It’s called “Inoculation.”

By telling someone the parts of you that can be challenging, you turn off the bomb. Most of the time, we assume that the other person is doing things disproportionately, and by raising a possible concern now, they will not be caught unawares later.

It also really increases trust and honesty.

I myself have used this strategy in relationships, and that really works.

Do you hate relationships?

tips on why relationships are difficult TALKING DELETE: Are you a diva?  And why do you hate relationships so much?

Here are some reasons why I COULD odi relationships:

      1. They are SUPER exhausting
        Of course, if you’re always very sensitive to someone else’s mood, needs, and disposition, you’ll be riding their emotional roller coaster all the time. And that can happen MALEÏDA tired. The reality is that if you focus so much on another person, there is a clear chance that you will not focus so much on yourself.

        This is the truth: relationships are easy IF you choose one easy person.

        Someone without a lot of luggage and problems that have to come out every time you forget to unplug the toaster, or whatever causes them today.

        But if you choose a person who has neurotics you need wazoo … just because you don’t want to be alone, or because you’re tired of searching – Well, you’ll queue for his walk.

        And if you don’t clean up your own stuff, they’ll get started yours walk, too.

        The more you care about someone else and try to control the parts that are not under your control, the more tired you will be in your relationship.

        Remember the prayer of serenity:

        “God gives me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference “.

      2. And you feel powerless.
        One moment you are cheering well, the next moment you realize that you have given this person power over your emotions. If they are not happy and you are happy, you feel that somehow it is wrong. Or maybe you just feel like giving that person the ability to get up or throw themselves in the dumps.
      3. Struggles that never seem to be resolved.
        Indeed, you will encounter some complicated interpersonal obstacles in a romantic relationship. And very often you will find yourself trapped in the spiral around the drain while arguing non-stop about the same scrap metal. “Why don’t you call me again …?” “You’re always out with your friends …” “Why didn’t you introduce me to your mother …?” “I don’t understand why you keep buying all that clothes …”

Now I know this all sounds pretty negative … hey, that is the talking rubbish article of the week, right?

But I want to remind you that these things we HATE about relationships are not caused by relationships.

reasons you hate being in a relationship TALKING DELETE: Are you a diva?  And why do you hate relationships so much?

They are caused by bad people trying to figure out how to make romance and love work in the long run.

This is importantbecause if you start blaming relationships for these things, you are completely losing the point. They are simply the area of ​​friction where the “things” of two people are.

And you’ll be smart and guess this little puzzle, or you’ll just cry for it all the time …

  1. – or post very bad comments on youtube articles. (Can you hear me, “Nora2168“! I’m talking to youhoney …)

The reality is that relationships are where you see all your crazy little moments in live technicolor. You are forced to look in the mirror and realize that you can be crazy. Jealous. Insecure.

Everything is in there, waiting for it to explode if activated.

And now … drum roll ….


How to make long distance relationships work!

According to Google, the king of search engines, this is the number one question people want to know the answer to.

There were about 3 million Americans and half of the college students long distance relationships from 2016. That’s a little crazy if you think about it … But again, that’s only 1 percent of Americans.

Still, I have this question a lot.

I think it’s because people are getting into long distance relationships more and more in this age of internet dating.

But the real question here is:

  • Can a long distance relationship work?
  • And how?

The truth is that they TIN work …

how to make long distance relationships work 1 TALKING TRASH: Are you a diva?  And why do you hate relationships so much?

But they can’t REMAINS long distance. The relationship MUST evolve, to resolve that distance and finally come together.

What I notice in my coaching clients and readers who want to make a long distance relationship work is that the man or woman is very hesitant when it comes to establishing a relationship close to them. It could be their own confidence issues or a sense of despair.

You have to remember that long distance relationships often SIMULAR attraction and desire, simply because each person is “hard to get.” And when you’re not around them, you’ll find yourself yearning for them, fantasizing about being with them.

What do you do THINK you’re falling in love with them, though you’re really falling in love IDEA of them.

I made this mistake myself many years ago. I moved from the East Coast to Kansas City for a relationship that lasted only a few months. I ended up moving in three months.

Many years later I realized I never was fall in love with her – He was in love with her idea of a new girlfriend. I had just left a 5 year relationship and I really liked the idea of ​​moving away and escaping memories.

Plus, I was avoiding my stuff inside.

tips on how to make long distance relationships work 1 TALKING TRASH: Are you a diva?  And why do you hate relationships so much?

Therefore, a long distance relationship TIN work, but two things have to happen:

  1. Completely open communication. Without that, you have no chance. You have to be open and open with everything. Even awkward things, like people who may be watching locally. If you try to sweeten things up and be indirect, you will find that it will not work …
  2. A plan to meet. Once you know it’s worth maintaining the relationship, you need to be actively working on a plan to be together. Don’t listen to people telling you that a distance of 1000 miles is something you can “live with.” There HAS be a point in your relationship where you are with each other constantly enough to see all their quirks and problems. You do NO Do you want to do this after you get married …

Only with these two critical elements in place can you make a long distance relationship work.

And that’s just it foundation of the relationship!

By the way, if you want more information on how to manage a long distance relationship, check out my program: Total commitment.

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