Are you being tortured on purpose …?

Have you ever wondered, is he torturing you on purpose? Is he just a man playing with your head and your heart?

I’ll tell you more if a guy is guiding you through these questions and answers:


So I met a guy a few months ago. He says he wants to go out on a date and hopefully go further. He is A LOT busy (not only does he say it, he’s really busy and sleeps very little and talks to me).

Communication is very difficult and I haven’t seen it in months !!! I want things to go further, but I don’t know what to do here. We talk quite regularly …

I start emails or text messages often (bad, I know, but I’m afraid I’ll miss it!) He says he’s interested but things are difficult. I’m so frustrated and a lot of billing is happening to me.

I know if a guy is seriously interested, NOTHING it will prevent him from making more efforts and pursuing. I’ve tried everything here. I’m afraid to walk away because I am by he will be so busy that he will not notice or care.


I’ve dated guys from him and he’s what I want. I’m going crazy. How can I make it work harder and solve problems?

0313 unhappy couple in bed sm Are you being tortured on purpose ...?

Or is it just sadistic and chained to me even though it hurts me? I have no idea here.




First of all, I can assure you that it probably is not sadistic.

The fact is that we often don’t realize that most people just act self-interest – even if this interest harms the people around them.

You already have the keys to your answer in what you told me, so I’ll give them here very soon …

1) He is VERY busy (not only does he say it, he is really busy and sleeps very little and talks to me).

I have to ask – this is one special situation, Or so it will probably be your life for the foreseeable future…?

Because even though you want an ambitious man and work to achieve your goals, you also need a man who can go back and balance things ….

2) You said:

I’m very frustrated and I’m having a hard time. I know if a guy is seriously interested, NOTHING it will prevent him from making more efforts and pursuing. I’ve tried everything here. I’m afraid to walk away because I’m afraid he’ll be so busy that he won’t notice or care.

You are absolutely right about the interest. If he is really interested, he will act on that interest.

We often excuse people by listening to their “logical” explanations and unwilling to admit that the truth is that if you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it.

Right now, it looks like his job is more important do it.

Now you say you’re afraid to walk away, but the reality is that you know each other MUST do this. But what you’re really saying is this you’re afraid he won’t feel the same for you.

So you prefer to keep doing what doesn’t work, hoping to avoid it.

takes you for granted Are you being tortured on purpose ...?

I’m sorry if it sounds harsh, but it’s just a game of trying to avoid hurting your feelings. And I to understand that.

But think a few more months of this pain, because the pattern will not change without you beginning to respect your own time and value.

Then, after a few more months, he goes and finds someone else or just finishes. And now you feel the accumulated pain of letting him have that control over your heart.

Get the property back! It is not suitable for managing this relationship or affecting your self-esteem and value.

If you haven’t seen him in months and he hasn’t started seeing you in months, it’s over. You just cling to the wreckage here.

And ultimately, it will more difficult because you connect with the next guy who is really interested.

Stop holding on to the fantasy. From now on, you will have to walk away and let them know that they will not take advantage of you or take you for granted.

And if she really wants a relationship, that’s the only way she’ll find out. He can’t value something he doesn’t understand he can lose.

And if you want the full plan of how to handle a man and make it yours forever, then you need it watch this video where I tell you how men think and how you can get everything you deserve from your relationships …

Remember, no matter how much YOU think he is yours, if you don’t believe him, it’s not true.

So you have to get to work doing it RIGHT things to make him stand up and notice …

– Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/23/2021

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