Are You Driven By Fear or Love? Tandar Tanavoli on The Ladies Coach

Don’t Chase Girls – Enjoy Them

If you chase girls, they’ll run away. But if you enjoy them, they’ll flock to you like honey bees to flowers.

How To Find THE ONE

If you want an ideal relationship, give this a read. You might be surprised.

How to Choose a Site to Date a Billionaire

Billionaires are quite an attraction. Many have the desire to date the wealthy men and women with loads of money to spoil them. The fact is that some of these billionaires have no time to get into relationships as they are too consumed with what they do to make their money. They, however still need some love at some point and they will be looking for people to bring some excitement into their lives away from all the money making pressures. You can now easily find your way into the arms of a billionaire through a dating website.

Why Are White Women Looking for Black Men?

Of late, a certain kind of obsession has been observed among white women for black men. In fact, according to the recent statistics, the number of interracial relationships involving white women – black men is only second to Asian women – white men relationships. So, what is the exact reason behind this?

Why Are Older Women Looking for Younger Men?

The famous saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” cannot be regarded false anymore. The recent trend of older women dating younger men has added authentication to this statement. Gone are the days when women always chose older men as partners.

5 Of The Best Muslim Dating Sites

If you are a single Muslim and you are thinking of joining a dating site, you are not alone. Research has shown that millions of Muslims are now joining online dating sites to find relationships that will lead to marriage. If you are wondering which are the best sites to join, here are some of them:

Dating Muslim Singles Online: Tips To Consider

Thanks to technological advancement many dating sites including Muslim dating sites have come up. These sites are an alternative to members of the Islam religion who prefer meeting their potential partners without being scrutinized by their family and community members. If you’re interested in dating a Muslim single online, you need to put the following tips into consideration: Respect the Islam religion Islam is known for its strict practices and values.

Her Completed Sentence

In all of my years of study and experiences from listening to and observing women of all cultures on relationship issues, I’ve noticed a pattern that actually can be boiled down to virtually one sentence. The answers to this sentence have and can create constant pockets of frustrations and drama in their relationships with men. I’ve learned that this completed sentence will also determine what a relationship will look like with any man in your life. The sentence?

How To Be Your TRUE Self

Be yourself, and the girls will follow, right? The question is, how exactly do you be yourself? Here’s how.

Losing Your Voice in the Club Scene?

Does this sound familiar? You go to a loud club and your friends tell you that they can’t hear you even though you’ve been talking in a louder voice. Your throat feels raw and sore or perhaps you have lost your voice after an hour or two of straining to be heard.

Unmistakable Signs That He’s Not Interested in You

Some unmistakable signs that he’s not interested in you are mentioned in the article so that you can save yourself from a lot of misery. Make sure that you are well aware of these points before you become serious.

Why Some Women Never Get Good Dates

It’s controversial. I know. But read this to find out the bottom line truth about men and dating.

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