Ask Mark #86 | Dating & Relationship Q&A

4 Bases (A Home Run) for Achieving Relational Intimacy

Acceptance is first base, and being valued is making second. We slide into third when we feel we belong. And home base is making all three together, which manifests as intimacy – the place where respect is implicit and trust abounds.

Relationships: Why Do Some People End Up With People They’re Not Attracted To?

While someone can have an idea in their minds about the kind of person they want to be with, it doesn’t mean that this always becomes a reality. This can relate to what another person looks like on the outside and what they are like on the inside and their personality.

Sharing Your Passion to Make Connections

The article gives 4 ways to make strong personal connections through social media or letter writing above and beyond mass e-mails or newsletters. It tells how to share your personal passions with others to build relationships.

What Makes Forgiveness Easy – People Are People and They Do What People Do

Why do we expect more from others than we might expect from ourselves? I’m not talking per situation – I’m talking generally. We are critical of people for failing us, yet we are shocked when we face the same critique. Why? It’s simple, such a critique, whether it’s warranted or not, stings. It stings possibly more than the sting we felt to be let down – to criticise in the first place.

Is There a Godfather In Your Life?

In 1972 Francis Ford Coppolla produced and directed the first of three award-winning movies about a fictional New York crime family. Recently, one of the television stations had a “Godfather Weekend” and replayed these over and over again. Watching them reminded me of how people with Antisocial Personality Disorder function.

Are You Waiting for a Wake Up Call?

Are you waiting for a reality check to mysteriously appear out of nowhere and embed itself into your brain so that you can formulate a plan to make a decision regarding your “relationship?” You may have already had your “Wake Up Call.” You just did not answer it as you did not want to realize and accept the truth.

Relationships: Can Trapped Emotions Cause Painful Relationships?

While the ideal might be to have relationships that are always harmonious and are free from pain, during and even when they come to an end, this is not how life works. All relationships have some kind of conflict and if they don’t, there is probably a lot of repression taking place.

Dating Advice For Men: 7 Great Tips

Are you ready to get out there and meet the woman of your dreams? Perhaps you just want a fun girl you can laugh and have a couple beers with. Or you might be looking for your future wife. No matter what you want, read on for some of the best dating advice for men.

Will They Ask Me: “What I Want From My Life?”

The article lays stress on abundant pressure that starts building up on the child right from the day he is born. The confusion of a child even before he comes into this world is portrayed here.

My Problems Are Your Fault God!

This article deals with the way people blame God when life is hard. It offers perspective to help us keep things in balance.

Relationship Wisdom – 15 Types Of Relationship: Which One Do You Have?

There is often confusion about the kinds of relationship my clients are in, so let me define them here in this article. Any of these can also be stages you go through in your relationship life.

The Gift of Giving Is a Gift in Itself

The act of giving a gift can elicit a multitude of positive emotions to the giver, that indeed it is quite possible that they experience more pleasure than the recipient of the gift. It has been found that giving gifts is an important interaction that strengthens bonds between family and friends. Giving to others strengthens one’s feelings for these people, and also makes one feel more loving and caring.

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