Can you BUY a lasting attraction?

Can you BUY a lasting attraction with someone?

I mean, wouldn’t it be great if you could buy it? all of the love, attraction and commitment he wanted in a bottle or taking a pill and everything would be EXACTLY how do you want it to be

Unfortunately, this seems like the way of the world. Too many superficial baits and It is not enough heart and soul.

There is no fake tan, a pair of heels, a dress or a pill to wear true love for you … The solution is really much simpler.

In fact, have you noticed that it’s often the night when you put in a little effort that big things usually happen because you’re not trying? very hard?

It seems like this is what many of us want, the easy way to get what we want.

Have you ever thought that there might be an easy way to make it real, tangible, and available to you? it doesn’t involve spending money in clothes, makeup, alcohol and anything else you do to make you feel good?

Last 2 Can you BUY a lasting attraction?

There are a couple of key things you can do that will greatly influence the attraction and can determine if you and your husband stay in the dating phase or in a disconnected relationship, or enter into a loving and engaged relationship.

I will share one thing which you can do right now to get started. This one thing will attract your man and make him want to be more around you.

This post is about you ENERGY… so simple!

Your energy is one of the most important factors in attraction.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single and have a date, just like you not verbally communicating is a big attraction and most of us are unaware of it.

Next time you see the guy you like … check your energy.

What kind of energy are you giving?

Are you in your heart or head, are you communicating and radiating love or fear, are you open or closed?

Start thinking loving thoughts about yourself, about life and about love, I can assure you if you do CONSISTENTLY exude more love that will bring you more love. Practice this with everyone everywhere you go … with men, women, family and friends.

First, your overall daily energy

In general, your energy has nothing to do with anyone but you! no one is responsible for you or your happiness! Maybe you’re generally anxious, stressed, maybe you’ve had some trauma or injury in your life and you don’t fully understand your energy and how you feel about your partner and the world at large.

beach couple Can you BUY a lasting attraction?

You have one; “Life is hard,” “I don’t feel well,” “I don’t feel good about myself”?

I suggest you take regular moments on the day register and change your operating system to work more effectively with what you want.

Relationship challenges

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! healthy and constructive one way or you blow and blow, you throw F-you or ugly energy and wait for it to do it “achieve”And it changes.

If your energy speaks: I’m angry with you, you’ve done something wrong, I’m not happy with you, then he won’t know how to please you and the attraction will dissipate.

Your energy can greatly contribute to your husband moving away from you and “walks away”. We want women to read our minds and know what happens to us in the way we relate energetically.

When you talk to him, you also have to be aware of your energy: are you open to learning and growing or are you closed and operating in a “?You’re wrong“fashion”? Be loving and don’t hurt, even in difficult times.

Being in love does not mean that you are a steward, you are a woman who communicates in a healthy way your limits, needs, desires and worries (this can be a fire) …


If you feel insecure or uncertain if this man is really interested in you, or if you have a mental checklist up and running … you might look nervous, difficult to please, uncomfortable, or even selfless.

Even if you try to be nice and fun, you can still do it stressed or anxious or releasing needed energy without the awareness that you are doing this (you cannot change what you cannot see).

Periodically check your energy, body language, tone, and facial expressions throughout a date.

lasting relationship Can you BUY a lasting attraction?

What you can do to change this:

  • Enter each room with a loving and confident vibe in the process of life (whatever happens).
  • Arrive on a date believing that you are amazing and knowing that life is here to support you and a great love if for you … give the boy a kind and accepting vibe. It may not be your party, though there’s no reason you can’t accept who it is.
  • When your partner returns home from work, greet him warmly and gratefully; show him your brilliance. In fact, show everyone your brilliance!
  • Consciously inhale into your body, into your heart and let yourself feel connected and kind.
  • Some of you may need therapy or training to help you.

I suggest you make your energy your number one focus!

People pick up your stuff and if you want more and more passion and attraction with a great man, you have to get out of the useless patterns and be the women you want to be.

Aggressive passive it is to punish and block love. Being open and real with your feelings and coming from a place of love with heart energy can move mountains and build more and more heart, love and intimacy.

writer, Speaker and expert on healthy love

UPDATED ON 9/22/2021

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