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We understand that for many, this may be their first interaction with a professional matchmaking agency, but your initial presentation is designed to be relaxed and enjoyable. Once you have decided that matchmaking is right for you, we invite you to attend a personal consultation to discuss your relationship goals and attend your personal wedding. Throughout your 6 to 18 month subscription, your wedding will become your confidant and friend and will be available to offer advice and support.

Your profiling session involves discussing your past relationship experiences, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, your family, and your career to better understand the type of person you are and the type of person you are looking for. Understanding these core values ​​will allow your wedding to create a truly personal and personalized profile, which in turn will help you identify people who closely align with your core values.

Your profile session will last approximately 30 minutes to an hour and you can ask your wedding any questions about our dating service if there is something you don’t understand.

Maclynn International operates under the strictest level of discretion and confidentiality with respect to the personal data of our customers. Your information is only accessible to our matchmakers.

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At the end of your profiling session, your partner will begin searching through our private offline network of more than 10,000 eligible single members. Depending on your proximity preferences, your wedding may return with local singles in Chatham, New Jersey or abroad. Finding a select number of matches can take 2 to 4 weeks, and your wedding will be contacted by phone or email with your matches.

During this time, many of our clients enjoy relaxing with the comfort and excitement of knowing that their dating life is being managed by their experienced and professional matchmakers.

When your wedding returns with matches, you will be invited to view their profiles. If you like the look of one or two profiles and want to organize a meeting, you will work with your wedding to organize it. If your party is local to Chatham or New Jersey, it is simply a matter of arranging a meeting place. It can be a cafe, a bar, a restaurant or any place where you feel comfortable.

If you’ve partnered with someone abroad, such as Europe, Asia, or Australia, your wedding will host a mutual meeting place, which you both agree on, of course!

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Call or email Maclynn today to discuss your private membership with our friendly staff. Even if you just want to know more about our process or our experience, we’d love to talk to you and help you understand more about what we do and how we can help you find love in New Jersey or beyond.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a meeting and dating site?

A dating and dating site is designed to help single men and women identify and match them with people who share similar values ​​and relationship goals. What makes our Chatham dating site different is how we combine psychological profile with personal and private counseling to identify the most compatible matches for our clients in Chatham and NJ.

Are you a private Chatham dating site?

Our dating service is available to all Chatham and New Jersey residents. We offer open and private membership for single men and women. You can learn more about our subscription options

Are your offices in Chatham?

Our main offices are in New York and Los Angeles (with new offices on the way). However, while not based in Chatham, we do not limit our dating and dating services, as many of our clients are international and live worldwide.

Is your dating site suitable for all ages?

Yes, we have had the pleasure of identifying life partners for clients of all ages. Matchmaking is open to anyone who wants to start a long-term relationship and be realistic about their expectations.

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