Codependency Explained – 3 Signs ft. Elizabeth Overstreet

Avoidance Keeps the Confrontation Going

At various times we have a conflict with a friend or relative. It is common and is usually the result of either person having a bad day.

Stop Being Human and Become Humane

We live our lives rationalizing we are better than the screamer or drunk or cranky neighbor. We pity their faults. Many of us live our whole lives believing we are trying our best to be good and we are doing a successful job.

Why Younger Girls Fall For Older Men

Older men seem to be wiser and more sure about themselves. They also appear to be more responsible and stable. These characteristics fulfill any woman’s need to be protected and taken cared of. There’s just something about being with an older man that makes a younger girl feel very safe and secure.

Diary of a Mistress

I didn’t even look at myself as a mistress back then. I felt I was the rightful wife. He loved me more than he had ever loved anyone.

Healing Wounds in a Relationship

A relationship between two individuals does not face an abrupt stop. Things start deteriorating and it is only after a certain time it reaches a point of no return. It is therefore very important to identify what issues made the relationship reach such a tipping point.

When the Man You Are Dating, Dumps You – Will You Know It?

The answer to my question should be obviously, a simple yes, but is it always that easy? Women are very aware that men hate confrontation, especially, when there is “trouble in paradise”; they try to get away from having to explain themselves, or talk about anything that has to do with feelings, romance or relationships. So when it comes to breaking up, they usually give you the runaround for as long as they are able to and leave us ladies who love them, scratching our heads and wondering: “what is going on?” Let me show you a few of the most amusing examples of what they would say to soften the blow and how to spot the signs before it happens to you.

Free Dating Sites – The Most Popular Bustle Online!

Online dating sites first emerged in 1994 and 1995. The market for online dating has quickly exploded and by 1996, there were about 16 dating websites listed in yahoo directory. And the number continues to grow until now. There are about hundreds of thousand dating sites open worldwide today including the social media sites.

What Everyone Ought to Know About Happiness

So many of us seek happiness and no matter how much money power or fame we achieve, it eludes us. Money can make our lives complicated. We purchase more material objects with our money and they break down and need to be fixed. We buy more tickets to movies, theatres, and traveling places and it basically eats up our time and energy. It isn’t that we don’t enjoy our money or the places we visit. We find ourselves sitting in a chair the next day wondering why we don’t have a big smile on our faces and brimming over with happiness. Instead we are exhausted and want to spend time alone.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Fear Losing Themselves In Relationships?

The whole idea of someone losing themselves in a relationship may sound completely ridiculous. And if this was to be taken literally, then yes, it does sound crazy. Because physically it is impossible to lose oneself in another person; there is nowhere to go and it is clearly not possible. And if this is the perception that one has, it is a result of a lack of understanding of what it actually means.

Staying Centered in Conflict

Are you conflict-avoidant? Does conflict terrify you? Discover how to heal this.

Connection: Our Deepest Desire

When we were born, the most important thing to us was connection with our mother. We needed connection with her body for adequate sustenance. We needed emotional connection with her, or with someone, to feel safe, and to develop the ability to regulate our feelings.

Have We Got a Sixth Sense – Awareness?

We see and taste, smell and touch, and we feel – is that it – just 5 senses? I think there may be one or two more too.

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