Did you feel a little needy or insecure with him? He ran?

Have you ever “outraged“A little more of a boy? Did you feel a little needy or insecure with him?

You don’t even know what happened, but you fell in love with a guy very fast and make the ugly “necessary”
a monster appeared …

And before you know it, his eyes grew to the size of dinner plates and he turned his tail and he ran.

And then you’re kicking yourself, wondering how the hell you’re going to fix this …

Well, today’s mailbox should answer you a bit.

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My boyfriend to break with me about 2 months ago, we have been together for 4 months, and all
it started very emotional and explosive, also in a good way.

Then, for the last 2-3 weeks before they broke up, he suddenly started acting distant and cold.
Unfortunately, I responded by being in need and acting insecurealmost forcing him to be with me and
communicating with me.

main 9 Did you feel a little needy or insecure with him?  He ran?

Then one day he said that I wanted to go out of the relationship. He said he had not developed the right
feelings for me.

I was in shock, and completely broken, and I still am !! I know she had some issues with her ex, who is the mother of her two children, and she was causing it a lot of problems.

After it broke up, I cut all contact with him. No phone, no mail, no facebook … I saved it as
a friend on FB, but has limited some of his access to what I’m posting.

He has been writing to me several times, but only saying, “I want to say something, but not exactly
I know what “-type things. I answered little but cheerfully. I didn’t make any contact with him!

Then, this weekend, he and some friends were going to a club in town and he sent me one
invite to the event. I decided to go there, not only because they were playing, but a good friend should do it
he celebrates his birthday in the same place that night.

Of course I met him. He seemed happy to see me, gave me several hugs and we did small talk during
the evening.

I acted calm and cheerful, and entered good control of my emotions all the time.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I had a message on FB that night. He said yes
“Great to introduce myself,” and they asked me if I liked their performance.

I replied briefly and cheerfully that they were great, and I had a great time. I haven’t heard from him since, but he sent me one today new invitation to another event next month …

I have no idea where to go from here, I really want him back in my life!

Should I contact him? What should I say?

Or it should be no say or do anything?

– Kammy P.



Well, Kammy …

I don’t like to give you this news, but …

You are doing everything very well.

Let me check it out a bit …

1) You have acknowledged your mistake.

You knew you had switched to “needed” mode and corrected your course.

This is HUGE.

2) You knew how to fully pull back from him when he pulled back and hit the brakes.

This is a mistake many women (and even men) fall into. They panic when the person retires
and it breaks it, and they usually destroy any hope that remains to be fixed.

% name Needed or insecure about it?  He ran?

3) You are playing well.

Again, most people he can’t resist that temptation to pursue again what they have lost.

You are aware that this is NOT the way to go.

Going out and staying with him is a good way to make sure he he doesn’t feel pressured
anything, too.

I’m willing to bet you’re probably already thinking about trying it again. He is definitely
entertain this notion, otherwise I would invite other single women to these events.

But in order to act in accordance with this desire, you must also experience some doubt … a little fear that he
May NO have a chance.

(Something I fully explain to myself Always yours program …)

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

There is an old saying that “the one who loves the least controls the relationship.”

While this is a bit loud and sounds very manipulative, there is a bit of truth in it.

The person who is most indifferent to the other is always the persecuted.

And I mean ALWAYS.

Look, here’s a little controversial about “WHY” this situation is important to you
I understand, so I’ve gathered a few emails to explain more.

At the moment, leave it keep chasing you like that. Is the the only way he will never come and
realize your mistake.

Stay tuned …

Oh, and if you want to understand the hidden psychology of men, and why they do what they do, you
I should look at this right away:

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This video shows you why men go away in the first place and how to prevent this from ever happening
to you again …!

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

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UPDATED ON 9/23/2021

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