Do THIS When He Doesn’t Text You Back – #1 Texting Tip

The Most Important Relationship Advice You Already Know

Perhaps the simplest, yet most powerful relationship building tool there is, described in detail in this article. Use it and watch it transform your relationships in the blink of an eye.

I Remember Julio – Thoughts of the Sweetest Love of All

THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE… Do you still remember him/her? Mine was Julio, oh, Julio! Is your current love life as strong, fulfilling and passionate as the one you had with your soul mate? Mine is not… it has not been for a very long time. Here is my truth; my story about the most beautiful and special romance I have ever had. And after so many years, I still yearn for that love, a truly impossible love. We have gone our different ways for so long and got involved with other loves. BUT FOR ME, THERE HAS BEEN NOBODY LIKE JULIO.

The Chase – Four Simple Steps For Mastering Problems In A Way That Will Get Her To Take Notice

To be master of your relationships, you need to master your problems. Both your relationship problems and your life problems. This article will guide you through a simple four step process to make those problems as fun to vaporize as zombies on a video game.

How to Make Your Relationship Better

A relationship is like a young plant that needs proper care to grow into a healthy tree. Since our lives revolve around a relationship, it has to be healthy and emotionally-supportive. It should provide happiness and add value to our life. Some advice from some closed one is always welcome.

From Bitterness to Beneficence – Trusting God By Forgiving the One Who Hurt Us

God’s justice – as it comes in the shape of the consequences for sin – is retributive, impartial, and final. We may well ultimately pray that God relent. And that would be a godly and God-pleasing prayer.

How to Navigate the Changes in Gender Roles in Western Society

In Western societies in the last few decades, there have been massive shifts in the reality and perception of gender roles, which continue to cause confusion and friction in gender relations. In more everyday instances, men and women have had to confront questions like: Who pays for dinner between a couple and when; what a fair share is; whether it’s insulting to open a door for a woman; or whether it’s demeaning for a man to stay home and care for the kids. To help understand how complex this issue is, I will identify some of the major causes, and then propose ways that can help individuals navigate through the quagmire that is gender relations.

Bare Hugs

Hugging boosts your vitality and how close you are willing to feel connected with another. First decide which kind of hugger you are being when you hug your spouse, your children, your animals, your friends, your boss and acquaintances. Then meet the challenge of your next 25 hugs, using the information that you glean from this article. Bon appetit!

Listening: Do You Listen With Your Head Or Heart?

It is an essential human need to be listened to and truly heard by others. This leads to a sense of validation and the experience of being mirrored. From the moment one is born this need is there and it will stay there until the moment they pass.

God’s Glory Out of A Hurt

A HURT, a significant part of our emotional history, is more likely to take us away from God than to God, because of pride. The truth is, at this time, we cannot handle the truth – to coin the Jack Nicholson phrase out of “A Few Good Men” (1992).

How Hurts Help Healing and Wholeness

A HURT is the opportunity, the prompting to honesty, and the captive situation of emotions ever malleable toward healing and wholeness. Only from the basis of being hurt have we the impetus – the intrinsic motivation – to achieve the position of healing toward wholeness.

Advice From Relationships Experts – You Know More Than You Think

If you are having trouble in your relationship do you read or listen to relationship experts? Have you noticed how these experts seem to tell us the things we already know but somehow have forgotten? Hearing it from another person is what we need at times to make us think about what we should be doing.

The Chase – This Concept Is Going To Piss You Off, But You Need To Master It

The Chase series continues. Today I’ll challenge you with a concept that might piss you off. But I’ll show you a cool way to master it without losing your man-integrity.

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