Do you think he could be married?

Have you ever found a boyfriend and you think he might be married?

Well, keep reading as I address this question today …

Questions and answers from a reader: Are you doing the right thing?

Hey, today I have an interesting letter for you. It’s a situation for you I could run into…

Hi Carlos!

Today I just downloaded your “Forever Yours” program and I know it really will beneficial in creating stronger relationships.

I’ve done “a bit” of work on this over the years (I actually have a psychology degree and believe in my own continuing work), but this will be a welcome addition, to really help me get into the male mind. “.

But I have some “urgent” matter. I need your opinion, please …

I just started dating a man, who seems to care a lot about his behavior, we have great communicationhe calls me “kindred spirit,” and we’ve both recognized the incredible mental / emotional connection we have between us.

The question – She just broke up a few months ago. He said he and his wife had been “finished” for a year and a half before the legal separation began, and that they had both sorted things out over the division of finances, children’s time, and so on. it has kept me going. in the loop on updates on this (i.e. last week it was up to the lawyers to fix an issue with the financial division).

% name Do you think I might be MARRIED?

He currently has one friendly relationship with his future ex-wifee, and he says he definitely knows he did the right thing when he left, because he didn’t want his kids to think that what he had with his wife was how a relationship should be (roommates living separate lives).

I’ve read information from other relationship experts who say that you shouldn’t even go out with someone who is just separated, that there needs to be time to afflict the relationship, find out who you’re looking for and what you really enjoy in life. etc…

And I remember what it was like when they separated me, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but running away when the person was really showing relationship potential. I’ve worked on that, but I know this may be common among people in the “separation” phase.

moooolt, what is your opinion on this? Am I being extremely silly even bothering to go out with him?

I have decided follow this with himbecause I feel that “spark‘with him, who I hadn’t felt in a long time, because of our mental connection.

But I go in with my eyes open, knowing that success in this is said to be an “exceptional situation,” and I don’t expect it to be the exception (I hope, though). Somehow, I feel like I’m just saying “yeah … that, I’m doing it anyway …I want this adventure.

I’ve had my heart broken a few times before, and I can bear to see it happen again.

And the other side of me feels nervous about being hurt.

Your thoughts?

Thank you so much,


When we get involved with someone when there is one “click” with them, yes, it is difficult to make the right decisions. And that’s because feelings always seem to obscure rational thinking.

As the saying goes, don’t gamble if you can’t afford to lose, right?

If your heart can bear the consequences, then you can try. But always do it with your eyes wide open, as you said. It is when we deceive ourselves or pretend that things are “different” (when they really aren’t) that we run into problems.

The truth is that this is not an ideal situation. And if you notice in your words that you are a person who practices self-deception, I would tell you to avoid it.

But you are aware, and you are choosing this pathand that’s all you can do.

I only advise you to play with much more caution when it comes to your timeline and move forward. Take it even SLOWER of what you want to go!

And definitely keep it up slower that he.

When we leave a relationship, we go through a form of emotional (and biochemical) abstinence.

It is real and clouds your decisions.

% name Do you think I might be MARRIED?

As you mentioned, “I’ve read information from other relationship experts who say you shouldn’t even go out with someone who is just separated; really enjoy life, etc … “

Yes, these are all A LOT valid points and you should watch for those behaviors that indicate that you do not respect your own needs to do all these steps.

Because when you get confused, it will “go away” and that will only make you more invested in the relationship.

Whether or not any of you want to admit it, is bouncing Right Now.

Its stability will be shaken. Your self-esteem will be shaken.

And his masculinity too.

So don’t be surprised when you expose a lot “Come on! Go!” contradictory behavior. It is normal for the course.

The unfortunate side effect is that this behavior will confuse you and at the same time attract you because of the challenge. It’s not logical, but it works on an emotional level.

Be sure to go through the Forever Yours section where I discuss this, as well as the challenging behavior and the “Get closer! Get away!” trick.

And I wish you the best of luck for this relationship to work!

Yours in perfect passion …

– Carlos Cavallo

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UPDATED ON 9/24/2021

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