Dressing for Women in the Workplace: Will They Take You Seriously?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you started dressing super feminine in the workplace?

For some women, women’s clothing is their favorite style, even in the workplace.

However, blacks, grays, browns, and neutral, “smart” colors are common in a woman’s work closet.

Today we are looking at what can happen if you risk dressing feminine in the workplace and if you can still take yourself seriously if you do.

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Women's clothing in the workplace

Can you dress like a girl and be taken seriously at work?

Does dressing ultra feminine and feminine hurt your career?

I think the way a woman dresses influences the first impression someone has of you, but being taken seriously in the workplace has nothing to do with how you dress, but with how you act and how you look.

Please share with us your thoughts, experiences, and opinions on choosing an ultra-feminine style at work in the following comments.

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Dressing Women at Work: Will You Still Have Authority?

Here is the story of the Oila lovely reader who wrote to me on this subject, to tell me all about how her change of clothes affected her time at work.

In particular, she shares the amazing responses of men when she decided to change her work wardrobe for a super feminine and feminine look:

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The story of Oil: changing his style of work

“Hello Renee,

I wanted to share an experience with you.

More than a year ago I decided to start dressing very feminine to work. I thought a lot about what I had read over the years and went on; that to look polished and powerful and to be taken seriously especially by men in the workplace, you need to avoid wearing feminine dresses, avoid florals because they could undermine your authority and wear pink well, including hot pink for work and other feminine colors soft. others in the workplace take you less seriously than they should.

Well, I got tired of it and said to myself, if I’m going to be a woman, I’m also going to be a woman in the workplace.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. I started wearing bright pink to work, high heels and delicate women’s shoes, laces, many ruffles, soft feminine colors, sensual fabrics, I wore mostly skirts and dresses, I wore a lot of floral …

The results during this time have been sensational. I must explain myself before continuing. He heads a department full of men. My work is related to the media and you might think that the dress code is relaxed in my workplace. Is not. The dress code is quite conservative.

Anyway, all the men, including those in my department, were throwing up seats so I could sit down and staring in horror at leaving me standing.

They would hurry to open the doors for me. It offers to carry anything heavy. Honestly, I felt like a princess (who was also a pretty strict boss) … Ha, Ha …

There was something else that surprised me, though. Is that there was absolutely no loss of authority, simply because I choose to wear bright pink or floral to work.

I know for a fact that I respect what I do at work. Then I thought to myself it is not true, then, that when a woman dresses very femininely at work, she is disrespected only because she looks very feminine.

I admit that there were a few men and believe it or not women, who judged me badly for the very feminine way of dressing until I opened my mouth and got down to work.

I remember that during this time my department had an intern, a young lady who was always dressed in jeans and T-shirts.

It surprised everyone when she suddenly showed up to work in very delicate women’s clothing. He did it for about a week.

Believe it or not, I saw exactly the same reaction from the males around me. They began to treat her like a lady, in every sense of the word, becoming more thoughtful and protective of her.

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. women in the workplace or if they wear very feminine clothes. Clothing at work harms women’s careers.

I would like to add that I made sure my clothes were very modest. (The inmates were also feminine and modest).

By the way, the reactions of other women initially were not too good. Then, a few months later, I noticed that the other women also started wearing softer, more feminine colors to work with.

And that made me smile. I felt very happy.

Thank you for your beautiful blog. “

– Was.

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And you?

Do you dress very feminine to work?

Do you think it’s a good idea for women to do this?

Do you think that dressing feminine undermines a woman’s authority in the workplace?

Do you think that men and / or women take women less seriously in the workplace if they dress very feminine?

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