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We have another success story for you! We’d like you to meet Eleanor and Jon, who met at the venue a few years ago and have been joined by another family member ever since. Eleanor told us her story …

“At first I was skeptical about online dating until I met several nice people elsewhere, but MSF was the only place where you could find out what people’s friends thought about them, which turned out to be surprisingly accurate and much more thoughtful than they were, they were more than just their own biographies, they also looked a lot happier and funnier when your classmates wrote the reviews.

“Our first date almost didn’t happen. The time changed and I didn’t get the message, so I went home assuming I had canceled, but then he called me from the pub and I ended up running there with the When I arrived, I was so hot and thirsty that I drank a pint of cider in record time and put on a plate of French fries, and luckily he was impressed and not upset! We spent the rest of the evening. lost in the conversation until well after closing time.I remember when I got home I thought maybe I had just met my husband, and exactly two years later in Venice he asked me to marry him. say yes before I finish talking!

“We had a wonderful wedding at the church where I grew up, followed by a big party for all our three-legged friends in a Cotswolds camp, on a perfect sunny August day. We went on our honeymoon. after a barbecue the next day and we flew to Corsica for two weeks of beaches, wine and amazing food.I brought my wedding tiara through the airport security and drank a bottle of champagne in the queue It was magical!

“Our baby arrived last summer with a weight of 7 pounds 10 oz. She is turning our lives upside down in the most charming way and we are learning to be parents: it’s fun, terrifying and wonderful. I hope a lot more people continue “Finding special people to spend your life with at MSF. I never thought I’d be one of those lucky people who can send a success story, but I’m proof that you never know who you’ll meet tomorrow.”

Congratulations to this happy little family from all of us on MySingleFriend! If you are looking for long-term love, sign up for free at mysinglefriend.com and start looking!

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