Everything that drives you crazy about relationships …

Episode 1: Scaly people, strong women and spending time with @ $$ holes …

I’m starting a new segment here that I hope will resonate with you …

I want to discover and highlight all the things we normally try to pretend are not there when it comes to love and relationships.

In this episode (and also in the following youtube video), I want to talk about some things that irritate us about relationships …

What if- LOVE.

Most of the time, love is great. Love the rocks …

But some of time – love hurts.

So let’s talk about garbage.


First of all, my biggest rage is flaky people.

You know them, don’t you? People who are so excited about you when you’re around. I swear you have a magical connection of the soul that spans the same time.

But when it’s finally time to lie down and have a date, these people are scattered with you.

Now, I’m also pretty fed up with people who hurt me in general. I don’t cling to unreliable friends. I guess that’s why I’m better off with a few close friends than with a whole bunch of “friends.”

I value sincerity above all else, and part of that feeling of being honest is the belief that if they really are friends, they will show up.

I they mean what they say.

So I’m probably a little idealistic when it comes to these things.

It’s that when someone doesn’t show up for something, or makes an empty promise, I don’t think their loyalty is there. And if that’s not there, what kind of friend would they be?


There is a lot of talk these days about articles about women’s empowerment. I am now in favor of advancing women’s rights.

These things seem to be on the rise.

  • We had an early increase in the right to vote …
  • Then we had an increase during the “first wave” feminism …
  • Then we had an increase during “women in the workplace“in the 1980s
  • We are now experiencing a further rise in this decade of moral outrage and activism …

Not to mention some really controversial political things.

Now call me crazy, but that’s the kind of thinking we should all have anyway. Boys don’t want to be around idiots like women don’t. Neither genre should have to endure annoying and stupid people, right?

The idea behind this is something I use as a personal statement, and I teach all my clients:

“You’re always better off alone than with the wrong person …”

I still have to talk to someone who disagrees with this line of thinking after leaving aside the emotional withdrawal from an unhealthy relationship. Sure, during that shitty period when you can’t stop crying, you have your doubts about the truth of it.

But ultimately, we can all look back on our dating life and breathe a sigh of relief because we didn’t end up with some of the losers we came across.

And the other reality is that most breaks NEED to pass to make us more able to quote ourselves in the future.

No one just knows these things about dating and relationships. It comes to you after years and years of failures. In fact, successful relationships are sculpted by failure.

I think my biggest problem is this general term “strong woman.” I mean, we should all be strong, but this one is kind of ignored.

What makes a “Strong woman“?

Is that your attitude?

Is it your self-esteem?

Is it your “independence”? And what does that mean?

I think most refer to a woman’s ability to endure her life without the support of a man, in many ways.

What do you think?

Comment below –

And what do you think? Should I lighten up on the people around me and accept it as part of the game?

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