Fight loneliness by learning to connect

Humans have an innate and deep need to connect with each other. It can feel great when we connect, but if it doesn’t, it can lead to loneliness. Lack of authenticity and emotional availability are just some of the ways in which people behave that can reflect their challenges in this area. The reality is that it can be carry connecting with others because it’s scary to open up and be real and vulnerable.

There are many reasons why this is a challenge, often derived from family issues of origin, but the important thing is to recognize it as a problem and commit to doing something about it. Doing so will not only improve your emotional health but also your relationships.

That’s why I invite you to join Dr. Rick Hanson and Dr. Daniel Ellenberg for The Courage to Connect – A live online workshop that will help you become more confident and confident, express yourself more fully, and get more than you want. need for others and have more satisfying friendships and intimate relationships.

Join them on March 26 and 27 to learn:

  • Develop greater self-compassion

  • It frees up old defense and contraction habits

  • Learn skills that encourage courageous conversations

  • Explore the sweet spot that combines strength and vulnerability

I am partnering with the creators of this workshop to offer my readers a significant discount for their program. If you register now with the coupon code TOOL BOX 50you can save a total of $ 100 off the regular price, and if you can’t join live, you’ll have access to recordings and materials for life.

Whether you want to have a deeper connection with your partner, feel more secure in a business meeting, settle a relationship, or resolve a conflict, this experiential workshop will give you the tools you need.


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