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My podcast guest, Emily Pereira, helps women find the gift with a broken heart. If you’ve ever had a broken heart, listen to this episode!

Emily Pereira is an international retreat leader, best-selling author of The Quest and a women’s coach who specializes in helping women call for epic love. It has reached more than 5 million people worldwide, with lectures on Wanderlust, Summit Outside and Spotify, to name a few.

In this episode of Last First Date Radio:

  • A change of perspective that can help someone heal from a broken heart
  • The afflicted gifts
  • What to do when a breakup includes infidelity
  • How to increase self-esteem
  • The keys to finding lasting love

EP 499: Emily Pereira – Finding the Gift in Heartbreak

What led you to do this work?

It started with my lovelessness at the end of my twenties. He brought me to my knees. I felt like I had ruined my life. I felt a loss, because my value was tied to the relationship. I didn’t know who he was without the relationship. I began a search for the next two years and got up with healing modalities. I began to take radical responsibility for my life. I realized I was creating it all. It led me to epic love.

What is a change of perspective that can help someone who is healing from a broken heart?

One thing that is useful to understand is that when one door closes, it is because another is ready to open. Every time we are in a place of struggle, there is an invisible door that opens inviting you to do a search, to find your spiritual self; who you are and why you are here.

Ask your higher self, “Is there a gift I haven’t seen in my lovelessness yet?”

It may not come to you right away, but it will shift you to gratitude, which will help you move forward and find the gift. What we focus on grows.

When breakups include infidelity, self-esteem can have a big toll. How can people break away from their self-esteem?

It is important to understand that everything is about alignment. There is a better plan for you. If one door closes, it’s because another one opens. Cheating is about the deceiver. We blame ourselves as someone they wanted to deceive. The relationship was already broken. Serial cheaters have an insatiable appetite for external validation. We must first obtain our internal validation. Hence our self-esteem. This is another gift of lovelessness … to increase your self-esteem and show you where your self-esteem is.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to find love but is afraid of getting hurt again?

Go through your break with a mirror, not a window. Look at yourself, not him. Work to heal your self-esteem. Next time you experience a lower level of injury. You will begin to trust yourself. Learn that no one can really hurt you if you have a connection to your inner sanctuary. Pain is a gateway to a new horizon full of gifts, one of which is epic love.

What are your last tips for anyone who feels that love is always out of their reach?

Start by connecting with a guide, a dating coach, someone who will hold your hand during the process.

One of the things that helped me was to connect with what enlightens me inside. Turn on your light again. What are your passions? They are a compass that leads to your purpose. This creates sovereignty, where you enjoy your own company. Then you fall in love with a place of abundance, not scarcity. When you find the jewel inside you, it is impossible for others not to be attracted to you.

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