Find the man of your dreams

Find the man of your dreams by re-committing to life

Sometimes, when confidence goes down, you disconnect from life, but now it’s time to go back. Make a list of fifty things you would like to do. They can be daily activities such as running or training, team activities such as volleyball or football, or even trips you would like to do or occasional activities such as scuba diving or hiking.

Once you’ve made your list, get to work on getting some. Join a team and play recreational league football. Join a local group that shares an interest in the same things you wrote. You can often find them on

When you get involved in groups and activities like this, finding the man of your dreams is much easier. He does these activities too, so you’ll have something in common right away! This is a great start to a relationship.

Start believing

If you’re walking around with a negative attitude about finding a great guy, you’ll never do that. Instead, start believing that you tin Trobal. We tend to gravitate toward what we believe, so if your belief is that you won’t find a great man, this is what will happen.

Maintain a positive attitude

Living a life full of positivity instead of negativity puts you on a better path to success. Positivity extends to all aspects of your life, not just dating. If your friends are negative, it’s time for new friends, which you can find in the activities you’re participating in.

One thing you can do to focus on the positive aspects is to start a gratitude journal. Find things every day to be grateful and commit to finding new things every day. You can’t be thankful to your best friend every day. Be thankful to find it all on your grocery list or for a sunny, warm day.

Finding the man of your dreams is a mindset

Finding the man of your dreams is a lot, but not entirely of your mindset, as you have read, but also of going out in the right places.

The bars are great, but that’s not where many of the big ones hang out. You are more likely to find them when you volunteer somewhere or participate in an activity that you enjoy.

Big men don’t hide, you didn’t know where to look!

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