Five online dating mistakes

As a guest on two national podcasts this week, both interviewers mentioned interesting questions from singles they listened to live. I would like to address them, as they can affect a positive dating experience … and online fun.


1. Why

Online dating has been around since the 1990’s (as long as I’m an online dating consultant and in the dating business!). Prior to that, in the early 1990’s, he had founded It’s Just Lunch, a globalized dating service. I remember in the early days of IJL the fear that customers expressed for having their photos online and the reluctance to try online dating. At the time, I would say that his reluctance was well-founded.

But not anymore! With the explosion of online dating in the 2010s and more security measures in place, in addition to the popularity of social media, this has become less worrying for singles. Come on, you’ve used Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or more. With the connection, we have waived some privacy. But now we are much smarter when it comes to the world of technology.

2. Wrong place

Unique leads make my daily appointment questionnaire at —- and I personally rate it! What I often see is that they are on the wrong dating site for what they are looking for, both demographically and geographically! Your New York friend met his promise at Coffee Meets Bagel, but you live in Jackson Hole, ding! Wrong place for you, as CMB is not well populated in Wyoming!


3. Bad Photos

Do you think a pixelated photo of you where you edited your ex-girlfriend will fly? Uh-uh. We all know that someone who cares about you also says that you don’t really care much and that you don’t care much about an online relationship or dating. Same with selfies, guys. I’m not trying to fool you, but let’s raise the bar a bit! I promise he’ll pay you.

4. No profile / No information about you

A picture paints more than a thousand words, it’s true. But if there is nothing to read about you and your interests, it is not a principle. Don’t know what to say or can’t find some interesting facts about yourself? No, it doesn’t have to be a novel, a short paragraph or vignettes will serve. However, always check it.

5. Free member

One person who called on a podcast yesterday told me about their lack of dates and online answers. Look at me, I immediately asked which program through which site I had signed up. The free. No no No! Obviously, these online dating giants are making money in some way — with your membership fees. A free subscription is just a marketing ploy to get you to sign up for potential singles in your email, but in general you can’t see their face or information. A waste of time!

It’s much easier when you have help navigating the online dating game. The top four things are the right place, great photos, your profile lineup, and your messaging style! More on that in my next post.

As the holidays approach, I have my annual gift for you. 20% off my services, but it won’t last long! Sign up today and we can start dating next week … or sign up today and we can get you started in January!


I love you all and happy birthday! Andrea McGinty

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