Hinge Boost And Super Boost Review (Everything You Need To Know)

So the Hing Boost and Hinge Superboost, what does it do? How does it work, and is it worth it? Much like every other dating app, such as Tinder and Bumble Hinge also has a Boost feature that helps you get more eyes on your profile and, with any luck, more matches and dates. If you are tired of paying for boosts then try eHarmony ..

In this guide, we will cover everything about it. That includes what the Boost feature does, how much it costs, and if it is worth paying for. We will also talk about when is the best time to use it and some things to do before you activate it.

What Does The Hinge Boost Feature Do?

So to start off with the basics, what does this feature do? Well, in short, it shows you to pretty much everyone in your area and puts you on the top of the stack of potential matches. The Boost duration is 1 hour, and after that, your profile returns to its original level of popularity.

It is just like any other Boost from any other modern dating app in its most basic form. However, the one great thing about it that sets it apart from other Boost features is that you get it for 1 hour instead of only 30 minutes.

So, in essence, you are getting more bang for your buck, but there is one downside. The downside is that you are still getting fewer eyes on your profile because so many more people are on Tinder and Bumble, which is one thing to keep in mind.

Hinge Super Boost

Hinge also offers the Hinge Superboost, Which is the same thing, but instead of lasting for only a 1 hour period, it lasts for 24 hours. One thing to remember is that people don’t stay up for 24 hours straight, so you may not get the type of attention you were looking for.

When you compare the price to the duration, assuming that most people are asleep during a larger portion of its duration, it may not be as useful as it seems. Whether it is worth it is definitely something that depends on who you are.

How Much Does The Hinge Boost And Super Boost Cost

So now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of it. How much does the Hinge Boost and Hinge Superboost Cost?

There are three options for purchasing a Hinge Boost directly in-app. 1 Boost will cost you $ 9.99. 3 Boosts will cost you a total of $ 26.97, making the per Boost cost $ 8.99. The third option is to buy 5 with a total cost of $ 39.95 and a Boost cost of $ 7.99

Hinge Boost and Hinge Super Boost
Hinge Boost and Superboost pricing

There is also the option to buy a Superboost, which lasts for 24 hours and claims that you will be seen by up to 11X more people than you regularly are. However, it isn’t cheap and will run you $ 19.99.

How To Activate Hinge Boost

Whether you want to buy or activate your Hinge Boost, it is easy. Just start by tapping on the heart-shaped icon at the bottom of your screen.

This will take you to your Likes You screen. From there, tap on the “Boost” button. You will know that it has been activated when you start to see a countdown timer.

When Is The Best Time To Use The Hinge Boost?

While we don’t have data when it comes to Hinge usage, we do have data on Tinder peak hours. Even though the apps are different, they are both dating apps aimed at a younger audience in their 20s, so it should be about the same.

best time to use hinge boost
Tinder activity

According to the data, peak hours are between 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM. The reason for this is that the weekend is over. When it comes to the day of the week that works best for dating apps, Sundays and Mondays are best.

People are now working, and if they didn’t find what they were looking for over the weekend, then they will be using dating apps to try and make up for lost opportunities.

So whether you are using a Boost or just using Hinge, normally try and shoot for the 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM time slot on Sundays and Mondays.

Is the Hinge Boost Feature Worth It?

The answer to this question is yes most of the time. This is as long as you are using it during the peak hours on Sunday or Monday, preferably Sunday. However, whether or not it is useful also depends on how many people there are in your area.

The reason for this is the Hinge Boost, or really any dating app Boost only has value if you are using it to be at the top of a huge stack.

If you live in a more rural area or an area that just doesn’t have many people, then it doesn’t make sense. In short, it is only worth it if you live in a city or near a large city.

Things To Do Before Using A Hinge Boost

If you really want to make the most of the money that you spent on a Hinge Boost, then you might want to consider making sure that your profile is dialed in. The best place to start is with good photos. Make sure to use all of the slots that Hinge gives you.

This makes a lot of sense because it is the first thing any possible match will see regardless of whether or not you have a Boost activated.

The second thing you want is to fill out all three of the questions they give you. In short, fill out every field that Hinge gives you and connect your Instagram. This helps people see that you are a real person and “prove” that you aren’t creepy.

How To Make The Most Of The Hinge Boost

To make the most of your Hinge Boost, there are three boxes you are going to want to check. The first box is that your profile is looking good and fully filled out. The second box you want to check is to make sure that you are using it during peak hours of activity, so between 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM on Sunday or Monday.

The third box is just to make sure that you are using it in an area with a sizable population so that you can be shown to a good number of people. After that, you are good to go!


At the end of the day, Hinge is a great app. The Boost and Superboost are a nice addition. Still, from the anecdotal evidence we have collected, they do not seem to be as effective as the Boosts offered by Tinder or Bumble.

This being said, they still work great if you use them at the right time and you are in the right place. Otherwise, they are a little bit of a waste of money. If you are struggling to get matches on Hinge then try resetting your Hinge account before paying for boosts. You can read all about it in another article of our here.

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