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Okay, you have your profile exactly the way you want it. In your photos you look at a fly like hell. Your biography seems to have been written by an emotionally available, witty, flirtatious god, and you’re ready to go live … but then you realize that all your photos are solo.

Will your parties assume you’re a loner who never gets out of the basement, maybe doing a little light serial murder in your spare time? Maybe … but it’s probably not as much of a problem as you think.

Hi I am Chloe. I have a master’s degree in clinical social work and am advancing towards this PhD in clinical psychology. As a dating coach, I help people improve their app match rates, and as a researcher I spend my nights researching existing data while doing my studies. You know, doing my part to make the dating world a little less scary. My clients ask me every day about the importance of social photos, so here’s what I know about it: all set and ready to go, just for you.

The Ten Commandments of Social Photos

Social photos are great. A flattering photo with your friends will give your potential matches a glimpse into your life in a way that other photos can’t. Your smile is more likely to be genuine, your body more relaxed, and there will be some confirmation that people are willing to tolerate you for extended periods of time.

What is not to love? Well, a lot of things actually. In short: a social photo is only worth it if it is a very good photo of you … and well, I mean, physically attractive.

Do you know what will happen if this photo is a good testimony of your eternal friendship, but you have sweat stains on your armpits and marinara sauce on your shirt? The person looking at your profile will smile sweetly at the beauty of the friendship and then randomly slide to the left without thinking.

No matter how cold it may seem, most people will not take a look at your lifestyle until they find you attractive. Even someone looking for their soul mate wants to be attracted to them. Focus on the attraction first and then if we can get a social photo where you look like a fly, do it.

So here are the ten commandments of social photos. I took them out of a mountain and all. I am exhausted.

  1. You will be the hottest beast of this party

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