How Men Fall In Love – 2 Steps To Winning His Heart

Relationships: Are Patterns Running Our Relationships?

There are people who have relationships that are generally: supportive, secure, loving and what could be described as functional. And there are others who are in relationships that are: unhealthy, dysfunctional, disempowering and even abusive.

Practical Relationship Tips – 4 Dumb Things Couples Do In Relationships (And What To Do Instead)

Do you do any of these really dumb things that couples do in relationships. Read on to find out and then discover what to do instead.

Relationship Musings – Some Serious, Some Silly, All True and All Helpful (Which Ones Are For You?)

Ready to improve your relationship or maybe just get one? Tips on finding the right one and being the right one can be found inside this article.

Relationship Betrayal

Have you ever sat in condemnation of Peter, who betrayed Christ by denying he ever knew him? It’s humbling to make a promise to God with great intentions and earnest candor, and then find yourself acquiescing to the flesh and breaking that promise. Peter denied he knew Christ three times. He never expected he would deny Him once. Even Christ’s followers and Old Testament Patriarchs and Kings were at times involved in betrayal. Have you ever considered your own lack of faithfulness in your marriage or business to be an act of betrayal?

How to Know If You Are Being Fired Or Your Position Outsourced

Your company just received a Five Million Dollar Contract. However instead of there being more work for you, there is suddenly less and your Boss is sending work you previously did to another department. Watch Out! Your days of employment could be numbered.

How Can I Foster A Christmas Spirit With The Relatives?

At Christmas you will be with the relatives and in-laws, who perhaps you don’t often see, and you want things to go well without too much family drama. But you know you will be spending a lot of time with perhaps a person or two you can find irritating or with whom you don’t particularly get on. Yet the spirit of Christmas is supposed to be about generosity and warmth, for family togetherness, children and fun. How can we foster that spirit in the face of our unease? Here are some suggestions.

The 3 P’s of Great Relationships

Can 3 words really save your relationship? Can 5 inspirational quotes help make your relationship as great as it can be? In short, can this article help YOU? Well, the 3Ps are these: Presence, Patience and Power – so the answer to your first question, I believe, is yes! As for the remaining questions, you really will have to read on and find out for yourself…

One of Life’s Challenges

I heard this phrase a few days ago and struggled to understand the context. It struck a deep emotional chord within me, perhaps because I’m moving onto a new place. It’s always sad to leave the past behind; even if you’ve only lived somewhere for a short period of time.

Holiday Shopping Reflects Gender Roles

I was walking along the sand. The waves rhythmically washed my toes; the sun nipped at the horizon. I stopped to chat with the fishermen. It was early morning. I had pen and paper in hand, jotting ideas about gender differences around gifts: men like lists; women hate them – they want to be surprised. But, I wondered, was I making too much of this gender difference stuff.

Nakedness Is Sacred Only Inside A Committed Relationship

Nakedness is perceived today as obscene. It is obscene only when done in an unwarranted relationship – a relationship that is outside of a committed relationship. God sees nakedness as sacred as it was his original intention when He created the first man and woman – Adam and Eve. The commandment of God for these first humans on how to live their life in the Garden of Eden and the human’s commitment to adhere to these commands seal the sacredness of their nakedness. But when man broke their adherence to God’s command, shame about their nakedness came in. Sacredness of nakedness remains only within the perimeters of a committed exclusive man-woman relationship that is authenticated and sealed through marriage.

Adult Female Friendships: Friend or Foe?

Do you want relationships that will inspire you to live? And behave authentically for the improvement of ourselves, our children, and the next generation of women?

Learn How to Get Your Ex Back If You Want To Give Your Relationship Another Try

Letting go and going your separate ways with the person you love are two of the most painful things that a person can experience. For some people, the bitterness remains; hence, making it difficult for them to move on with their lives. If you want to give your relationship another try, you have to earn how to get your ex back the right way.

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