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Your premise should be to have fun, because talking to a beautiful and interesting woman is incredibly stimulating. Flirt a little, be mocking, maybe a little arrogant (if that fits your personality) and sarcastic (but don’t forget to add a playful smile so you also realize you’re just kidding). Pretend you’re talking to an old friend.

If she says something you don’t agree with, tell her. In other words, don’t be a flake. Don’t be bad or hurt, just tell her your opinion on it and explain why you feel that way. If you do it right, you’ll start the conversation and have some interesting things to talk about. A man who can defend himself and gently defend the principles he upholds is quite attractive to women. If you’re sure, you can make fun of her a little bit about how she has no idea why she doesn’t agree (a lot of smiles here guys!). You won’t pull it off, though. Let them know that you understand and respect their opinions, but why you do not (slightly) disagree. It’s always helpful to show that you can live with it by having a different opinion and that you’re not making a fuss. This shows that you are kind and mature, characteristics that are considered very attractive in men.

Stay calm and controlled. Very, very quiet. As the captain of a ship, you know exactly where you are going and everything you say and do has a reason. Nothing can hit you, not even rejection. You expect the best, but you are also prepared for the worst. Because? Because you’re so much cooler than your neighbor’s dog snout.

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