How To Be Confident AF! 6 Exercises That Make You His Dream Woman

Top Tips On How To Get Back Together With An Ex

If you want to get back together with an ex, then you have to act cool about the whole breakup and make sure you don’t show any signs of desperation afterwards. This means that you cannot beg them for another chance, no matter how much you want to. All that you should do is rationally agree to the breakup and separate ways for now. Then, if possible…

Discover Ingredients for a Fulfilling Relationship

Certain ingredients – that stand the test of time – usually characterize the most fulfilling marriages and love relationships. So whether yours is in a difficult period right now, or you simply want to make a good relationship even better, remember the acronym TOUCH.

Best Way To Meet Women Outside Bars And Nightclubs

The best way to meet women is not by dancing in clubs or drinking in bars. Other places and activities are also ideal in meeting wonderful, pretty and intellectual women.

Our Father Is 91+

In old age, family bondage matters; it is the only asset worthwhile, in our lives. We may have to move to ‘old age homes’ away from our grown up children, who are busy in their lives or just live a passive life as an appendix in their lives. In oriental societies, life is still charming for old parents and hopefully it continues so. Western, practical approach is invading all of us and so far it has not affected life style of old parents in Eastern cultures. Invariably,old age parents have ‘nothing to look forward with hope,and nothing to look back with pride’; however they do have contentment and harmony in their minds, and satisfaction of having lived their life for betterment of their children to the best of their ability. God rewards them, by warmth and happiness in old age, by caring for them through grateful children.

The Pain That Is Rejection

There are a lot of things that hurt in this world, but perhaps one of the most damaging of them is to be rejected, and by rejected I mean having your university application denied or not being accepted into the chess club, damn those assholes if had just moved the Queen one space more…

How Can I Make My Wife Love Me Again?

One of the main reasons why women tend to lose interest in their partner is because of lack of appreciation shown by the husband for the things that she does. Women always love to be appreciated for all the many things they do like caring for the kids, performing household chores, attending to parties and arranging…

Love’s Push and Pull – A Study

We crave it until we get it and then we push it away. If it was candy it would be Taffy with its ongoing tugging and stretching and bringing together again. It is the same whether brand new or long established.

I Would Like to Win Back His Love Once Again

Before trying to win back your love, you should analyze where you might have gone wrong, and was it because you did not give sufficient importance and due credit to your husband. Men always appreciate their other half admiring…

Single Mothers in Search for a Partner

Single mothers who wish to find a partner with whom to develop a serious and successful relationship need to be aware of their expectations and needs and share these with the prospective partner. If he will do likewise they increase the likelihood of becoming able to develop and nurture a satisfying intimacy.

Relational Life’s Beauty and Power

When we determine that life is all about relationships – and hardly anything else – we know the purpose of our tasks. The tasks are not more important. The tasks serve the relationship, not the other way around. The tasks are a means to an end. The tasks merely support the relationship.

Why You’re Still Single: You’re Unknowingly Limiting Your Lifestyle

Beliefs you hold from the past that limit your present life/lifestyle are probably holding you back from getting what you want. Not all people can do that yet it must be done.

Why You’re Still Single: You’re Too Busy!

We know you’re really busy, and we get it: you work a ton, have 200-plus emails to answer before noon, can barely fit in time to see your girlfriends, and already wake up at o’dark thirty to hit the gym. When it comes to dating, you feel like you may be single forever due to your stacked schedule. After all, online dating itself takes hours and going to meet men over coffee every weekend is something that seems an absolute, total waste of time!

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