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Changing and Helping Others

What is conformity? Conformity is group influence in action. Social influence is common and it consists of people’s efforts to change other people’s behaviors. Most people follow social norms, or conform, most of the times. Solomon Asch’s research shows that most people yield or surrender to social pressure from a unanimous or common group. Conformity is caused by cohesiveness, which is the attraction of a person towards a group, by the group size and by the kind of social norm in the circumstance (descriptive or injunctive).

How To Mend Marriage Issues

You can find several quite obvious signs that indicate that your marriage is finally over; but lots of us are too blind to notice all the writings on the wall that your previously successful marriage is now endangered and in stormy waters. When you first embarked on your marital journey, you pictured a wonderful, happy and successful marriage for yourself and your other half. Having said that, some time down the line important things slowly but surely transformed and matters that used…

Can I Fix This Broken Heart

When your better half suddenly ended your relationship, your confidence took a serious hit. Your feelings are hurt. It’s back to the single life. Oh no!

Meeting Women Online – The Reason It Is So Difficult

Most guys think meeting girls online is going to be easy. This is not always true. See why in this particular article.

Distractions, Obsessions, Addictions

When we are not clear on where we are heading, a large majority of us tend to look for distractions – we procrastinate. Any kind of habit/behaviour that dictates our thoughts/words/actions can be a distraction, addiction or obsession. When we have no control over what we think, say or do, and start believing that stimulation is happiness.

Life In The Moment

Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us, “it’s not in the wishing or hoping, but in the doing that creates the power to achieve the outcome.” How true this is, the more we DO the more energy we create. However, in order for us to DO, we need to understand that we must first BE PRESENT in the NOW to BE constructive. By learning to BE HERE NOW, not in the past…

How to Develop a Successful Intimate Relationship: The Best Tip No One Has Ever Told You

The best tip to being able to cultivate a successful intimate relationship is one you have probably never been tipped about for the simple reason that it is usually being passed-on from one person to another by word-of-mouth. The tip is simple and straightforward: Develop Self-Awareness.

Is Arguing Often Normal In Any Relationship?

It is unavoidable that in some unspecified time in your relationship, you’ll encounter disagreements and conflicts. What is important is just not how to keep from arguing, but rather how are you going to deal with them effectively and never damage your deepening relationship.

Why Do Family and Friends Need Your Best?

People fill your life. Some you meet for a just a few minutes. Some people spend are in your life for a while. Other people stay in your life for a long time, others stay for life. How you treat these people is up to you, yet how you treat them can make a big difference in your life.

Power of Appreciation

Personal gratitude can have a powerful impact on someone in your life. Taking the time to stop and say thank you to someone can change their day and maybe even their life.

Getting Over a Break Up? Use Broken Heart Sayings to Help You

If you are getting over a break up, then broken heart sayings can be a good way to hurry through the unhappy portion of getting over a break up. While it isn’t good to dwell on the damaging for too long, you should utilize broken heart sayings to recover from your ex as fast as possible. Whereas there are multiple methods to do so, there are 5 major methods to make use of broken heart sayings.

Dating on the Rebound – Do It the Smart Way

Dating on the rebound could be a disaster. Find out how to do it the smart way.

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