How to congratulate a man

Congratulating a man can seem like a daunting task. For many women, they are reluctant to congratulate men because they believe that men already have too big egos.

Reality is something else …

You see, men can all seem selfish on the surface, but he is an ingenuity.

Yes, you may have heard it before, but the male ego is quite fragile. Braggarts and braggarts, but really everything is a giant show …

Per YOUR benefits!

you don't know how to successfully congratulate a man How to compliment a man 5 secret tips to reach your heart

Men make the ego to show the qualities that attract women. I like leadership … determination … confidence … courage.

These are all things that Looks like like a man who is selfish if you don’t understand what he’s really doing underneath everything.

And you need to know how to congratulate a good man so that he can continue to do the right thing, without extinguishing his natural desire to impress you.

So let me explain a bit how to congratulate a guy for really answering you. After all, this is the material that love is made of …

Congratulations – SECRET 1: Avoid the blindness of compliments …

Women are very sensitive to what I like to call “punctual praise.” This means those things that are easily observed on their appearance. Especially if done sincerely.

  • “Oh, these shoes are amazing …!”
  • “This dress looks great on you …”
  • “I love this hairstyle!”

Men also love these compliments. But we are more sensitive to the compliments that I call “inspiration.” And women are often unaware of what she was inspired by and see themselves as ungrateful.

For example, if he gives you a strange gift, the the worst you can do it is destroying their ability to make decisions.

She says, “What made you think I’d like to? that? “

complimenting men two donts How to congratulate a man 5 secret tips to reach your heart

That’s right there is a triple-play of wounded for a boy. For her to say something like this means that:

  1. She doesn’t appreciate his thinking – because love was what inspired him …
  2. She does not appreciate his action – because that was an effort for him …
  3. She doesn’t appreciate. Period. And that means he didn’t have any credit.

Now, I don’t think so you he would probably respond to a man that way. And if you’ve done that, you probably know that this isn’t a very loving way to respond.

But it is so important to know how to give it a genuine compliment … especially if you are a little disappointed or disappointed! This is one of the key skills in the success of couples who are respected and held together.

Remember that love is also about acknowledging that we rarely do anything to hurt our partner. We may act selfishly, but unless all feelings have disappeared from the relationship, we are not deliberately trying to hurt them.

How to congratulate him – SECRET 2: compliment the DEEP …

When I say “The Deep,” I mean it you should congratulate the one who hides more than he did or said.

When a boy does something that is thoughtful, he cares less result being complimented that the thought and action behind it.

For example, suppose this is the usual type of attempt to fix your problem instead of hearing you undoas your friends do.

What are you doing?

Most women feel a little frustrated (sometimes at LOT frustrated.) And then they end up feeling resentment because “it’s not for them” as they want it to be. And very often, this creates a gap between you in the relationship.

how to congratulate a man 5 secret tips to reach your heart

Now I’ll show you another way:

EXAMPLE: Try to solve your problem instead of listening …

You stop, put your hand on his arm and say:

“Oh dear, I loved giving you a solution. I love it when you help me in this way. Hey, would you mind if I just steamed up a little bit before? Then we can talk about fixing it. ho “.

Voila! You just fixed something that 95% of women do wrong almost EVERY time they break up with their man. You recognized what was going on behind the words.

Congratulations – SECRET 3: Compliment the role …

Men live their lives trying to achieve the role of being a great man. There are a lot of different roles that we aspire to:

  • It seems
  • Marit
  • Leader
  • Guru
  • Expert

And when we meet THEY ARE that thing, energizes us and feeds us to aspire to even higher levels.

Relationship Tips How To Congratulate Your Boyfriend How To Congratulate A Man 5 secret tips to reach your heart

Here are a few compliments that will brighten your day:

“You’re an amazing dad …”

“You’re a great guy …”

“You’re a great role model …”

The key to these phrases is “You THEY ARE. “

Tell a man that he has achieved the goal of being the kind of man he aspires to be, and all men do aspires to be great – is the type of compliance that can fill your deposit for days.

How To Congratulate You – SECRET 4: Compliment Your Ser …

One of the most affirmative things a boy can hear, if not EL most – is knowing that it is accepted as it is.

One of the most common complaints in relationships that boys have is that they do not feel accepted by their partner. It is very common, in fact.

And the reason this complaint comes up all the time is in the difference between how men and women communicate. Women quickly spot areas they know can become relationship issues later.

So they point them out quickly, and often forget that they may also be communicating that it’s not “good enough” as it is.

tips secret tips to successfully congratulate a man How to congratulate a man 5 secret tips to reach your heart

Men are eager to be accepted for their love, but he will MAY tell you that!

So you have to know that it is true and act accordingly without waiting for him to ask for it.

Chances are you don’t even know how to express this request, so you may NEVER find out anyway!

Say something as simple as: “You know what? I love you the way you are …”

Do you want to cement it? Say this after smiling from ear to ear: “It wouldn’t change anything!”


A compliment that will make him trust you and love you forever …

How To Congratulate Him – SECRET 5: Congratulate Being HAPPY …

This one is simple, and you might miss it if you look for signs.

Men have a hard cable to make women happy. It is a primary impulse of men.

And many women never fully understand the power of this “program” in their head. A man feels a DEEP and deep sadness when he fails to make you happy.

You could say, “But Carlos! He doesn’t seem to be working hard to make me happy now!”

This can be true after a while in a long-term relationship. If a man tries it for a while and doesn’t feel he can make you happy, he will give up.

And that is perfectly understandable. There are a lot of people who just he can not be happy. It is useless to try. They have a lot of things to take care of themselves.

And honestly, these people probably shouldn’t have a relationship until they’re in charge of it.

how to connect with men compliments How to congratulate a man 5 secret tips to reach your heart

The best way to congratulate a man is simply LET IT MAKE YOU HAPPY …

  • With the things he says …
  • With the gifts she brings, it doesn’t matter what those gifts are …
  • With the things he does for you …

Just let them know in words and actions what impact it is having on you.

I can count on the number of women who never stopped to verbally appreciate what I did for them and how grateful they were.

Gratitude is a great way to do that show him how happy you are to have him in your life.

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