How to create love maps

It’s time to dump her and move on. Relationships are not always broken because of personality differences. On the other hand, don’t think that having similar hobbies is enough to keep you together. There is a lot of pop psychology, quick fix methods. Fortunately, Dr. John Gottman gives an insight into what really strengthens a relationship. Here at The Gottman Institute, we take it a step further by providing you with science-backed skills and tools.

Construction of the love map

This is the first level of Sound Relationship House theory that details how solid relationships work. Basically, Love Maps is how couples can keep their curiosity about each other. Lovers in healthy relationships ask each other questions to explore each other’s inner world. As you both ask questions and observe the little things (for example, how they like coffee or how they relax), start building a mental map of who your partner is: their likes and dislikes, their pains, and hopes, and all. which makes them who they are.

If you have never tried it, practice now. Try the following “Building a Love Map” exercises with your partner. Listen carefully to their answers and remember what your partner is telling you. Working together on Love Maps helps you stay connected and actively strengthen your emotional bond.

Love Map activities

Here are some fun “Love Map Making” exercises for you and your partner to try out at any time:

Talk about your communication habits

Communication is more than just active listening skills. Especially when trying to manage a conflict, there are many factors, including how you argue. So it’s important to talk about how you talk to each other. For a moment of calm, ask your partner how he or she feels about how you deal with conflict resolution. Does one of you make a stone wall? Are there criticisms even if they are not intentional? Discuss your feelings about this. Having this conversation when you are at peace with each other can help you implement strategies to combat difficult conflict issues. You’ll also get to know each other a little better (although these are traits you’ll both have to work on).

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Discover your “dreams in conflict”

The conflicting passion can often be related to something deeper than the subject in question. Think of a discussion you had recently. Ask your partner for more information about what they really want and why. Share your own perspective on what issues or hopes underlined your position. Dr. Gottman believes that there are dreams within conflicts. Talking about these dreams helps you understand what motivates each of you in this area of ​​conflict and brings you closer to each other.

Don’t forget about playing time

Ask your partner what they like to do for fun. You may think you already know this, but your hobbies and interests change over time. Keep up with your partner’s idea of ​​having fun and make plans to play together regularly. You will have a good break from your day-to-day responsibilities and remember what it is like to enjoy each other again.

Final thought

There are so many ways to create Love Maps. The key is to keep your partner curious. No matter how long you’ve been together, there’s still something new about them that you can explore. You need help? Take a look at more exercises, tools and tips for a healthy relationship in our store and get great savings on Gottman products. Hurry up! He Everything loves selling it is only for a limited time.

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