How To Eliminate Passive Aggression From Your Relationship

One of the worst things about your love affair is someone who is passive aggressive. I want to show you how to eliminate passive aggression from your relationship.

Jasmine, a client of mine, asked me for help when her boyfriend said yes aggressive passive. “I couldn’t believe what I was listening to,” he said in disbelief.

“There’s nothing wrong with letting your husband know if something bothers you,” I assured Jasmine.

I explained, “The problem is when you channel these frustrations in unhealthy ways that are counterproductive instead of tackling a problem.”

From my previous conversations with her, I knew she was classic signs of passive passive behavior, which she did not realize it was counterproductive by making yourself heard.

Here’s how I helped Jasmine get to the bottom of her situation:

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# 1: Know what’s going on

I asked Jasmine, “When something bothers you, how do you react?” She mentioned that she often gets sarcastic when she is frustrated or angry to make her boyfriend wonder what is going on.

That’s what I told him neither of these will help you because of this nodo not communicate your problems in one direct way.

Guys are not much for subtlety, so the first step in eliminating passive aggression from your relationship is to be more anticipated about your feelings.

# 2: Know Because it’s happening

The best way to cut this type of behavior is to focus on it circumstances which usually makes it come out. “When was the last time you reacted to the situation that way?” I asked Jasmine. “What were you doing at the time and what was the conversation about?”

My goal was to help her to recognize the fact that cert the scenarios made her react passively aggressively. That way, Jasmine can take an emotional step back and reach for one calculated answer.

# 3: React intelligently

“So instead of telling your boyfriend you’re okay,” I told him, “you should be clear about what you’re feeling exactly so you know something is going on.

I continued, “For example, when he forgot to take out the trash the night before, he tried to tell her, ‘It’s very annoying when our kitchen smells like a landfill in the morning.'”

This kind of statement can help Jasmine express her feelings, though leave out accusations or insults, which he hates to do.

That’s when I also realized that I feel uncomfortable with her confrontations; that’s why it was hard for her to be direct with her boyfriend.

# 4: Find your voice

The important thing for Jasmine was that she should not be afraid to believe in what he has to say. Whenever I can identify a problem with her boyfriend in a clearing, direct i constructive On the other hand, she doesn’t have to worry about talking.

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Finally, I told him the key was to make one mental habit of the advice I gave him.

In time, I explained to Jasmine, this approach will gradually eliminate passive aggressive tendencies as well as eliminate phrases like “Whatever” and “I’m fine” from your conversations with your boyfriend.

That’s all it takes to create one better connection with your partner.

If you find that you have the same problems in your own relationship, conscience it’s the first step in avoiding frustrating scenarios like the ones Jasmine went through.

And if you’re looking for a better way to connect, you need to identify yours connection style which is different for every man. It’s the fastest way to make him fall in love with you.

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Yours, in Perfect Passion,

Carlos Cavallo

UPDATED ON 9/28/2021

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