How To Find A Man Who Is NOT Intimidated By You! 5 Tips For Successful Women

Do You Hate on Love?

Everyone needs to be loved. Although there are many people who knowingly or unknowingly sabotage their chances of having a good, long-term love relationship. After a while, they become bitter and act out in the love arena in the following ways:

Flowers for Her

Are you scared of giving flowers to the special lady in your life because you’re unsure of your choice? Your worries end here. Continue reading.

The Greatest of Gifts Given or Received

Is there anything more conducive to the essential mode of acceptance than encouragement? How good does it feel to have something we believe about ourselves from within confirmed about ourselves from another person? All of us believers exist for want of motivation, of inspiration, of encouragement to go on in life in the direction we believe God is leading us.

Competition Is Never a Blueprint for Living

The competition starts before we are even aware. We begin the competition from the day we are born. Parents actually set up the first rivalry.

How to Change Yourself by Letting Go of Your Attempts to Change Others

Are you looking for answers on how to change yourself in the midst of your difficult relationships? Have you been operating under the belief that if others don’t change that there is nothing you can do to make your life different? There is one sure way: let go of your attempts to change others so you can focus on yourself. Here are the things you can do.

Am I Happy?

Are you like me? Pretending to be happy and not longing for something. Fake laughter and smiles?

Attraction: What Do People Find Attractive?

The definition of what it means to be attractive is not always the same for one person as it is for another. There are general things that are recognised as being attractive in women and attractive in a man. Science often comes up with what these qualities are. However, what is found to be the absolute truth by scientists does not always match up with reality and the real world. When it comes to women for example; a certain waist-to-hip ratio is talked about as being what is attractive to a man. And for women; broad shoulders are often mentioned as being attractive.

Jealousy Destroys Life and Promotes Darkness

At times we believe jealousy is the furthest thing from our minds. The truth is it is always close by and waiting to pounce unexpectedly.

5 Easy Ways To Truly Understanding Men and Relationships

Do you ever feel like it is time to change your man? Or perhaps you are noticing that more and more you find yourself nitpicking at him? Before you jump down his throat it is important to examine whether or not he has changed from the time you first met.

If You Downplay Expectations, You Decrease Stress

It is a mystery why we expect so much of ourselves. It is awesome to have lofty goals but when we expect to accomplish more than what even two people are capable of accomplishing, it is time to release some of the burden.

Seven Reasons We MIGHT Open The Doors of Our Lives to Others: Reason No 3 – To Calm Fears

Sept. 11, 2001 caused fear in the hearts of nearly everyone who watched the horrible events on television. Many at the time talked with people they never knew so they could help each other process the events and calm each other’s fears. “To Calm Fears” is one of the Seven Reasons we Might Open The Doors of Our Lives to Others”, according to Dr. Ron Ross, author.

When ‘Selfishness’ Is Wisdom

This article is all about people-pleasing. I am, by nature and personality, a people-pleaser. It’s something I’ve grown to accept about myself. Therefore, this advice I take personally. There is both a blessing and a curse involved in people-pleasing.

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