‘How to get dates? Simple conversation openers

Do you want get dates in a virtually rejection-free scenario?

This is one of the easiest ways to do this meet women and find dating. And avoid getting unwanted attention.

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You will learn:

  • How to get dating without being “creepy”
  • How to date a stranger
  • Start conversations everywhere
  • Develop advanced conversational skills
  • Get many more dates than ever before
  • Develop your situational awareness

And more.

I call this conversation initiator “Observation Opener.”

This is an easy approach that is less frightening than approaching women directly (i.e. complimenting them). It will make you more versatile than the man who can only go straight.

There are many situations in which you do not want to be direct. May be inconvenient or inappropriate when used improperly.

How to get dates and avoid rejection

You can avoid rejection filtering uninterested girls.

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When you use observation openings, you get a quick response.

She will be:

1. Interested: If so, you will get a positive response

2. Disinterested: If so, your response will be faster and flatter

The best part is that if you’re not interested, there’s no “rejection.” You can keep shopping and so can she.

You can measure their interest by paying attention to how they react.

Stay tuned to:

  • Tone of voice
  • Facial expressions
  • Body language
  • Enthusiasm
  • The length of your response

Most of the time when this works it is effortless. Women will make the most of the conversation after making a comment.

So what is an observation opening? It goes like this:

1. You see something around you. It can be an object, “mood,” behavior, environmental factors, or something that stands out.

2. Make a simple comment.

For example:

a) You are in a grocery store and you see a woman. Look at the soup and study the cans.

b) You are reading the ingredients and trying to choose.

c) You can “observe” and make a comment: “There are too many options, it’s hard to choose!”

She can relate to your comment because she is in this situation right now.

This may seem like an uninteresting comment, and that’s why it’s not!

No need to say anything interesting to start a conversation.

This is one of the biggest mistakes boys make.

If you’re trying to think of something “interesting” to say, you’ll need to:

a) Lose your chance (She will leave in seconds)

b) Overthink

c) Judge yourself “No, this is stupid …”

d) Freeze

e) Create unnecessary pressure

Instead, say the first thing that comes to mind.

That’s not to say you’ll hit the gold and say something to which she reacts well. But it takes practice to do it right.

Over time, your observations will improve.

This is the first part of getting an appointment with this opener. The second part is a little more complicated.

You have “intention” behind your words to get more dates

You need to have some intention behind what you are saying. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

You don’t want to emit a “friend” vibration. If you have a lot of female “friends” (girls who are interested in you they won’t date you), you’re done.

To avoid the friendly atmosphere, allow yourself to feel your attraction to her.

Many guys who make friends are suppressing their sexual feelings. They try to be “friendly” or “friendly” instead of sexual.

This is driving women away.

Your voice, your body language will adapt if you allow yourself to feel something sexual for her. Don’t be the “nice man”.

It’s not about being open and winking, or anything like that. Dating signals will be subtle but powerful. But only if you stop repressing your true feelings.

Nervousness can also suppress your sexual feelings. Instead of looking at her and feeling that “LA VULOL” emotion, you’ll hear, “I hope she doesn’t think I’m creepy,” and so on.

Eventually you will feel safe enough because this will no longer be a problem. But start looking at the women you want to date through the lens of desire, not appeasement.

Have a lot of short conversations with women

Don’t wait too long each time you use this opener.

Instead, get into the habit of starting conversations with people this way. Including hot women. And overtime you will have tons of opportunities that turn into appointments.

You have to enter the game to win. Most guys who don’t have dates don’t talk to a lot of women.

Doing so will increase the number of conversations you have. These conversations are the key to more dating and trust.

You will always receive a response to your comments, but this is where most of them will end up. Okay, never try to force a conversation. Be social and casual.

Talk to everyone.

And keep your eyes and ears open for women who are open to chatting more.

Then go to the next step.

How to have a conversation that turns into a date

Direct the conversation in a direction that becomes something about it.

If you ask her out after a conversation about the steak, it will sound out of place. You were talking about how to choose a good cut of meat, now you ask for an appointment …

To establish a connection, talk about it. People like to talk about themselves. And when they do, YOU become the most interesting person in the world.

It’s counterintuitive, but talking about yourself will do the opposite. She is more interested in herself until she is interested in you.

And that connection is made if you get it to open up and share with you, about itself.

To get there, keep your ears open for any comments you make about yourself or what you are doing.

Something like, “I’m having a steak because my family is visiting me from out of town.”

Now you know that his family is out of town. As he told you, you can now ask, “Where are they from?”

This can lead to, “Where do you come from?” Now you are talking about her and you can find out what brought her to your city.

Listen to anything he or she tells you about what he or she is doing or what he or she likes, and then follow up by asking.

It may not be so easy for you.

If not here’s a new product just for you!

“Grab some steaks for a meeting?”

This question is still relevant because you are already talking about steaks. This can lead to a more personal conversation, if you pay attention.

How to make an appointment

The last step is to ask him out.

Don’t walk away after making that effort because you’ll never know what could have been. Just ask him out.

Be assertive and make a statement instead of asking him out.

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For example:

Let’s have a coffee sometime.


We should have a coffee sometime.

Either way you’re expressing what you want, not asking if she wants to have a coffee.

It’s not magic and it won’t make you want to have a date. But assertiveness and confidence attract women, so stay tuned.

Ask him out with confidence.

If she says no, that’s not a big deal. You just had a conversation. You asked someone to come out, you made the effort, and you had some experience. You win.

Next time might be a new date for you.

Steps to get a public appointment

I will summarize the exact steps so that you have something easy to follow.

1. You see someone studying a product

2. Get close enough to say something, but not in your personal space

3. Looking at the shelves you are looking at. DO NOT turn your body towards her. Remember, this is a casual start, not a straightforward approach. Your purchase, she is shopping. Turning to her will show too much interest. BUT turn your head.

4. Make a comment based on what you are doing, or something relevant in the environment.

5. Smile

6. Use a loud voice (do not speak in a low voice)

7. Observe your reaction. If so, continue. If she’s “all business,” keep shopping.

8. Listen to anything she says about herself.

9. Ask a question about it

10. Follow up to learn more about her.

11. Ask her out

I used a grocery store setting, but this applies to getting appointments in any public place. Cafes, retail stores or any other place you can think of.

Be attentive, comment and follow up if you react positively.

Do you have any questions or comments? Leave a comment below.

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