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The Sinningest Of Sinners And Hope For Me And You

There is a reason God chose Paul as the poster child of grace and as the Apostle to the Gentiles to bring us the good news of grace. Paul is one who is referred to as the “chief of all sinners” or the foremost of sinners… the sinningest of all sinners! He is the Apostle of grace to bring this good news to us and to let us know that what God has given us can be of benefit to the people around us.

Can Positive Thinking Get My Boyfriend Back?

Many people believe in the power of positive thinking and practice it daily. It is something that must be worked at until it becomes habit. When it finally becomes something that you do every day, automatically, life gets better. But there are some people who think it will work like magic. They believe that if they simply think positively about something long enough it will happen.

5 HOT Keys to a Sizzling Romantic Lasting Relationship

A crucial element of any successful relationship is true and lasting romance. The sad truth however is that not very many people truly enjoy a romantic lasting relationship… So in this article I’ll sharing with you 5 proven keys you might not know or might have taken for granted before now; keys that’ll help you ignite or re-ignite a true and lasting romance in your relationship… Before I go any further, let me add that enjoying a truly romantic lasting relationship is serious business, it doesn’t just happen it takes effort. What I’m about to share with you is simple but very powerful, don’t treat it with levity. Make sure you treat them seriously and take time to reflect on them and find a way to work with them in your relationship.

Fall In Love At The Farmers’ Market

Shoppers meandering the stalls, chatting with other shoppers, exchanging pleasantries and conversing with the farmers who grow their food, combine to encourage connectedness, openness and happiness. Farmers’ Markets create the perfect recipe to meet new people.

A Daughter Remembers, A Parent Ponders

Looking back on how and when the author began to grow up and appreciate her parents and elders and comparing to her own adult kids’ development. Viewing appreciation from different perspectives and examining how people mature.

The Blessing of Unconditional Acceptance

What seems a ridiculously tall order (to unconditionally accept or forgive someone) is the privilege of life in the Kingdom of the King of Kings. Once we recognise that God gives us the capacity to own our love for every single next person, and we see that such unconditional acceptance is a gift and not a hardship, we have no bitterness about needing to forgive. It is our fundamental pleasure to forgive, for what God is already giving back to us.

Why We Shout In Anger: A Hindu Parable

In Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy we use a “map” to help couples slow down the cycle of reactivity that keeps them stuck and so far away from each other. Once we help couples to be able to identify the patterns of action/reaction they are able to slow things down and ultimately stop the cycle.

The Truth About Why Women Are Attracted to Money and Power

Women are attracted to guys with money and power. But don’t worry, even if you are a broke dude, and you don’t even have influence over your dog, you are not defeated. You can attract any girl if you learn to display the right type of attributes.

Relationships: Do Some People Like Being Controlled?

One of the common challenges in relationships and a challenge that has existed throughout time is that of control. This can be something that is fairly subtle and anything but overwhelming. And then it can be so extreme, that one’s whole life is taken over by another person’s control.

Where’s My Soul Mate?

One of the questions I get a lot is, “Why can’t I find my soul mate?” The answer to that is more simple than one might think. This article will answer the question and set you on the path to realizing your goal.

Staying Connected in a Changing World

We cannot live in the world and stay connected to the younger generation if we do not embrace technology. If we do not embrace change and continue to learn, we will grow old and isolated.

What Do the Different Colours of Roses Convey?

Roses are the best flowers to express feelings and emotions. The flower is ideal for those who are in love and want to express this to their partner.

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