How to Have a Calm Mind: Nine Easy Practices

how to have a calm mind
Have you ever wondered how to have a calm mind? We all have it. In fact, we all say we want to be happy and find inner peace. But it’s hard to do and sometimes it seems impossible to achieve for more than a few fleeting moments. As if on a looping tape, regrets for the past and fears for the future are shattered. Our troubled minds run again and again in a negative groove that causes suffering. Great suffering.

In front of all the wastewater of it’s-not-my-horrible-life self-talk with its stinking stress and anxiety, we need great strength to help us. Something powerful enough to allow us to have a calm mind and help us enjoy the many (yes, many!) Roses that scatter us.
However, there is “something” that has worked for thousands of years to alleviate the suffering of the troubled mind and allows us to have a calm mind.

How to have a calm mind: the will to connect to the spiritual dimension

This is the definitive connection that takes us out of the constant, muddy stream of thinking, thinking, thinking, and into the real world of the present moment with all its depth and richness.

Pain relief is ours if we can turn to a spiritual practice, a higher power (HP) or the God of our understanding. This relief is available even when we turn to an HP that we can’t or don’t understand. In fact, simply being willing to try this connection provides you with a center of compensation for your resentments, pain, and discomfort; a balm for your troubled spirit; inner peace and a renewed ability to have a calm mind.

How to have a calm mind: dating and love

When you focus on the Spirit, your whole life opens up and becomes much easier. This includes your love and dating life. You can transcend the need to worry, worry, and have control and direct the show by putting so-called “bad” and “good” events in the hands of your higher power, the Spirit of God, or whatever. . In doing so, you will often find that something that seemed awful turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. And vice versa! It’s hard to see our own overall growth plan and sometimes we may lose something or someone we really wanted, but in the end it turns out we were protected from a lot of suffering!

Dating and dating are much easier if you practice following the trend and accept that you don’t really know what any event is for, in terms of your growth and development. You can accept life in terms of life. And move mountains to benefit yourself and others because your will is aligned with your highest Diamond Self, or what I call your Diamond Spiritual Self. This is where your true satisfaction, serenity, joy and ultimate fulfillment lies.

How to have a calm mind: an example of the real world

Here’s an email I received from Dee, one of our coaching clients:

“Dear Dr. Diana, you are a lifeguard and I want to thank you wholeheartedly! I have done your spiritual work of Diamond Self and it has made me much calmer and accepting things I never thought I could face life: my father-in-law’s cancer, my sister’s and my boyfriend’s alcoholism for several years with another woman, even though I was devastated when he left, I think he was protected because he was also an alcoholic! I’m dating a fantastic guy who doesn’t drink and I don’t want to hurt him because of the constant stress in my life.What else can I do to deepen my spiritual work and keep a calm mind?

How to Have a Calm Mind: Nine Easy Practices

My response to Dee was:

Dee, you are very welcome. I am grateful that you are doing this important work for yourself and your new Beloved. Here are nine powerful steps you can take to keep your mind calm.

  • Pray, not for yourself, but for others for a few minutes at the beginning or end of each day. This has a very amazing calming effect!
  • Meditate for fifteen to twenty minutes before breakfast and before bed. Your nervous system will calm down.
  • Reading spiritual passages or uplifting literature when you first wake up each morning
  • Sing gospel or other spiritual songs
  • Go to Al-Anon or any other twelve-step group for which you are qualified. These are phenomenal paths to spiritual awakening and a blessed and calm mind!
  • Attend a church or synagogue service that is inspiring and has spiritual significance for you
  • Watch inspirational movies that have a spiritual theme
  • Go to a meditation or spiritual retreat that calls to you
  • Travel to a stunning nature spot nearby

How to have a calm mind: the meditation of the loving mother

Meditation is such an important practice for having a calm mind that I have created a free meditation MP3 designed to help you calm your troubled mind. It is based on the archetype of an unconditionally loving mother (not your real mother, even if she cared for her unconditionally!). If the word “mother” suggests negative associations, you can substitute “angel” or “goddess.” Download this 15 minute MP3 here. It is an invaluable tool designed to start or end the day in a state of inner peace and serenity.

As I told Dee, practice meditation or prayer, listen to music, or spend some time in nature. And please be willing to open up to connect to a higher power or something greater than yourself. It could be the universe of which we are nothing but a speck, Spirit, light, angels, animals of power or love itself. When you connect to Something Greater, it doesn’t matter how you understand it, you don’t have to be alone. Or make it all happen in your life by pure will. Over time, you will develop a sense that the universe is benevolent and confident that it will support you. Even when things seem surprisingly negative or your life seems to be falling apart. All things must pass, even in bad weather. And this attitude and these practices help me to have a calm mind.

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