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I, You, We Belong Here

If there is any sense within us that is fearful it may be rooted in the idea that somehow we don’t belong. Belonging has power, and it is beautiful in its time; to know we are loved for who we are, and not so much for what we do.

How Online Marriage Agencies Can Help Defeat Your Solitude

Finding the right person to spend the rest of the life with is not an easy task. Some people are lucky to find a twin soul from the first try, while others experience numerous breakups and divorces until they find a perfect match. People are not alike and thus have different attitudes to difficulties that arise on their path. Many individuals need much time to brace up to the misfortune and therefore are reluctant to develop new relationships.

Accepting All Things Are Not Equal

In a world of male privilege, where men and boys are used to getting their ‘fair share’ when compared with their women, there is often the case of inequity simply because in ‘making things equal’ things become unfair. It’s better that things are unequal, yet fair.

Ending the Journey of Hurt and Pain

For the many, this will be a pipedream – to end the journey of hurt and pain; relational hurt and pain. Let us face some facts: nobody is beyond hurt and everyone has buttons, that, when pressed, light up an alarm panel of stinging and putrid rejection. Everyone, of course, has different ways of dealing with such a thing. Some just dismiss it out of hand. Others take it more to heart. The latter is not weaker than the former, just different, and perhaps more relationally caring.

How to Deal With Rejection in a Relationship

If you’re trying to meet women, being rejected is always a possibility. Whether the girl is nice or cruel about it is irrelevant. Nothing will change the fact that you have been rejected, and most men would be so disheartened enough that they will simply give up and go home. However, being disheartened is simply the product of a wounded ego. It’s not productive and engaging in self-pity will not help you meet the girl of your dreams.

Letting the ‘Young Man’ Go

For a boy to become a man-a safe man, who is safe in himself and caring with others, especially women-he must be trained and approved by other men. Women and mothers, no matter how well they try, struggle to take him through this transformation. Real men-responsible men-know how important it is to encourage and how to gently push men (and boys) younger than themselves. They know the importance of men for a man’s self-esteem.

How to Choose Between Two Men

Are you involved in a committed relationship, but falling head over hill for someone else. Well, there will come a time when you will have to make a decision on who you want to be with. The tips below will help you to do just that.

Does Every New Relationship Feel Like DeJa Vu? How To Break That Pattern

We, as humans, are creatures of habit. But while patterns and rituals are typically helpful in maximizing brain space, certain patterns in our relationships don’t usually serve us. For example, finding yourself in the “same relationship” over and over again can feel like deja vu- and not in a good way.

The Watch Man

Life is like a hospital, where every patient feels, other patients are better off; after couple of years of marriage, the spouses too feel that neighbours’ spouses are better than the one you have in your home.The problem lies in human nature; we are capable to be courteous with strangers but not with own spouse. Familiarity breeds contempt, or at least kills novelty in love. It is sad to look at old couples sitting on benches in a garden, with blank looks, silently looking at passers by; if only they could retain part of the enthusiasm of talking endlessly, what they did in early years of marriage, life would have been more lively.

How To Text a Girl – Real Texting Examples

Getting a pretty girl’s attention can be difficult for some guys especially through text. Not all people have the skills to make someone fall for them through words. For that reason, some guys end up having no dates despite their efforts.

How to Know When a Marriage Is Really Over

Sometimes it might be easier for you to think about how a marriage might about end. You can tell that a marriage is over by looking at a few things when it comes to what might happen with it.

7 Good Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys

If you are trying to make yourself more appealing to women then you need to think about how being a little rough and tough might be worth it. There are several reasons why women love bad boys as much as they do.

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